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            • Chardonnay and Pinot Noir from Burgundy could be considered wine grown from indigenous grape varieties. However, these varieties are grown across the world, so it may be that they are not the best examples to use. Other examples include Grillo in Sicily, Nebbiolo in Piedmont and Montepulciano in Abruzzo.

            • You’ll have to do your research. A quick Google of the grape variety can help. You can also read our full blog post on the topic here.

            • Savage Vines are proud to stock a number of great options. You can browse the full range here.

            • The answer is not necessarily. Indigenous Grape Variety wines may be more suited to low-intervention organic methods. However, there isn’t a concrete link between the two.

            • Well, many argue that through minimising human intervention you get a truer expression of terroir. So, with indigenous grape varieties, you have a grape which is native and perfectly suited to that environment. When it is then turned into a wine through low-intervention practices, you can argue that you are getting a wine which is truly reflective of the terroir.

            • Indigenous Grape Variety Wines are, simply put, grape varieties which are native to the land in which they are grown. For example, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir are both believed to be native to Burgundy. Learn more here.

            • Yes Savage Vines wine club members get 25% off all wines and 15% off mixed case products 365 days a year. Members can choose how much they want to pay into their wine club account each month and build up their balance to use toward purchasing anything on our website when they are ready to place an order.