5 Reasons To Host A Corporate Event

6th May 2019

You don’t need to do much convincing when it comes to proposing a wine tasting as your next corporate event. Mention the words wine and food in the same sentence and most staff members will be there before you have sent out the calendar invites.

Wine tasting events are informative and fun that’s for sure. However there are some hidden benefits to hosting a corporate event that are not so obvious. From increasing staff retention to building stronger client relationships, by hosting regular corporate wine tastings it can contribute to the long term success of your business. Here’s how:

1. Build Better Client Relationships

When hosting a corporate wine tasting, don’t be afraid to invite clients or business prospects. By inviting your client into the office you break down any awkward barriers, getting to know them on a personal level. Having someone else do a lot of the speaking over the course of the evening makes it less sales focused. As a result, your guest is more likely to relax and open up about what they really need.

If you listen carefully you will learn a lot about your client or contact and what they like / dislike. This is the basis for having meaningful conversations and building a long term relationship. So when it comes time to sending out Christmas gifts or thank you’s, you will send them something they actually want. It’s the personal touches like this that your clients will remember and as a result are more likely to continue working with you.

Corporate Event | Helps Your Build Better Client Relationships

2. A Platform For Staff Recognition

It’s no secret that your staff are your businesses number one asset. If you look after them, they will look after your customers. Happy staff = happy customers = repeat business. Recognise that it’s not your customers that are number one, it’s your staff.

Use a quarterly corporate event as the platform for staff recognition. If you present quarterly results then tie this in with an post presentation wine tasting event for your staff. Don’t schedule a presentation on sales figures and new business pipelines with party pies, supermarket prosecco and beers. Your staff will just end up uninspired, bored and overweight.

Recognition makes people feel valued and by putting on a regular corporate event for staff they have something to look forward to and get to know one another on a more personal level.

Corporate Event | Celebrate Individual & Team Success

3. Breakdown Internal Silos

Especially in larger organisations, it is easy for teams and staff to work in silo’s or isolation from one another. This can create a divide amongst staff, duplication of effort and poor communication throughout the office.

By hosting a corporate wine tasting event you have the ability to group people on tables with other members of staff from different teams or divisions. This will force them to meet new people and learn about what other colleagues do and what clients they work with. If you host a few throughout the course of the year you will break down these barriers one by one until they are all working together like the Dream Team.

4. Teach The Importance Of Networking

Good old fashioned networking is proven to make ones life easier. Think about the ‘good’ jobs out there. How many do you think get filled by the standard recruitment process whereby the employer posts an add, you apply, get called for an interview and so on. About next to sweet nothing. It’s all about who you know, not what you know. The same principles apply for winning new business.

You never know what will come up in conversation over a few glasses of wine at your next Corporate Event. You might mention you are working on a bid or looking to win some work with a company. ‘Joe Blogs’ sitting next to you might have previously worked with the company you are targeting. Before you know it you have a warm lead, not a cold call.

Corporate Event | Importance Of Networking

5. Encourage Ethical Purchasing

Educating staff on the way in which wine is produced, purchased and sold to retail consumers is a great way to promote sustainable business and ethical purchasing. The end to end supply chain of wine as a commodity is fascinating and there is so much for the consumer to learn.

Combining some educational content as part of a Corporate Event will help subtly instil conscious purchasing behaviours in your staff. Promoting ethical purchasing and sustainable business practices can drastically improve your company culture and market perception. Using wine as an example or tool to highlight the importance of sustainability in business is the first step in converting your office ‘green’.

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If you are thinking about putting on a Corporate Event then contact Savage Vines. We host staff or client networking wine tasting events all over the UK and can create a bespoke Corporate Event to your requirements. Email us at [email protected] or call today on 0207 266 1187.

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