5 Reasons Why Half Bottles Of Wine Are So Popular

12th June 2022

The Rise In Popularity Of The Half Bottle Of Wine

Over the last five years, more and more people are looking for ways to reduce their alcohol consumption. One of the ways people are doing this by buying half bottles of wine instead of a full 75cl bottle. Let’s dive into 5 reasons why people are shopping for miniature wine bottles. It’s not just because they contain less wine!

Half Bottles Of Wine Take Up Less Space

In the 21st century we are all aware space is becoming more and more scarce. As the cost of living soars, we find ourselves living in smaller flats and homes. Whether you keep you wine bottles in the fridge, wine rack or cupboard the chances are you will have less space than you’d like to store your wine. This is why half bottles of wine are increasing in demand, they take up less room where space is hard to come by.

Half Bottles Of Wine Are Lighter To Carry

During the warmer months of the year lots of people catch up in a park and have a picnic. I am sure you have all been there, trying to lug a picnic basket with a couple bottles of wine which weighs a tonne. With each full bottle of wine weighing 1.25kgs, it can be a bit of a struggle trying to carry these to the park. As most people will only have a couple of glasses of wine with their lunch, they are finding that a half bottle of wine is a much better option as they only weigh 750grams.

Wine For Summer Picnics
Half Bottles Of Wine Are Perfect For Picnics

You Waste Less Wine When Drinking Half Bottles Of Wine

Sometimes you only feel like glass or two wine with your meal during the week. Once a wine has been opened, it will only last a couple of days before it becomes tainted. What frustrates wine drinkers is that they end up having to pour out what would be good wine due to opening a full bottle early in the week and not finishing it. If they open a bottle of wine on a Tuesday night, have a couple of glasses and then not drink again to the weekend the bottle will need to be poured out.

This is where a half bottle of wine comes into its own. They are perfect for a midweek wine as the 37.5cl size is 3 small glasses of wine. Perfect for sharing or to drink on your own if you are feeling greedy!

Pouring Out Red Wine
Seem familiar? How much wine have you wasted over the years?

Half Bottles Of Wine Help You Drink Less

Once you open full bottle of wine it is likely that you will finish it that day or night. Whether you drink the whole thing yourself or share it with a partner or friend, statistics show that 75% of people will empty the bottle. The same principle applies to a block of chocolate, in our house once its been opened its gone within about 60 minutes.

Buying half bottles of wine instead should reduce your wine consumption. If you are one for finishing the bottle then halve its size. It is a simple yet effective way to keep within the recommended guidelines for alcohol consumption. One half bottle of wine is 5 units of alcohol. The recommended number of units of alcohol per week should not exceed 15 units. Therefore you can drink 3 half bottles of wine a week (on different days) and still be within health professionals guidelines.

Half Bottles Of Wine Are Perfect For Cooking

Lot’s of recipes require a bit of wine to add flavour and depth to your meal. The average amount of wine needed in recipes is 200ml so a half bottle of wine is perfect for that. You can open the wine, add it to your cooking and even enjoy a small glass yourself. No more wasted wine.

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