Biodynamic Wine Retailers | The Best Places To Buy Biodynamic Wine

Harry Lambourne
30th August 2019

If you live the in UK and like a decent wine then you are in luck

There are plenty of retailers offering a broad range of conventional, organic, bio-dynamic wine and natural wines. The only problem with this is, how do you know what to buy? How do we know what’s good and what’s bad? And most importantly, how do we know who to buy it from!? For the environmentally conscious wine drinkers out there, this is our guide to the best biodynamic wine retailers.

low intervention bottles | savage vines | tasting set
Savage Vines Pack

Ok, yes we are profiling ourselves, but it wouldn’t say much about our company if we didn’t include us in the list of best biodynamic wine retailers.

Savage Vines was founded in 2017, with the intention to provide consumers with fantastic, low intervention wine sourced directly from small, independent wineries across the world.

We understand that the way people consume wine has changed. As a society we are increasingly aware of what we drink, where it comes from and the methods demonstrated in production.

With a Savage Vines monthly subscription, you receive your wines complete with a map, showing you where the wine comes from, tasting notes, food pairing suggestions and access to our Savage Vines podcast. The Savage Vines podcast takes you through each wine that we have sent, giving you more insights into the producers, wine styles and regions.

We believe that loyalty is key, so we are loyal to the people who believe in us. When you become a Savage Vines subscriber, you are entitled to 25% off wine repurchases. That means that if you really like a particular bottle that we send you, then you can get more of it for a discounted price! You’ll easily be able to find the bottles too through our extremely user friendly, online wine store. Our site lets customers filter through styles, regions, grapes and methods of production so you can find the exact wine that you’re looking for.

We like to think that we’re good at what we do, but don’t just take our word for it. We have been rated five stars over 90 times on trust pilot!

The Savage Vines monthly subscription begins for as little as £29.95 per month, including postage! We also offer gift wine subscriptions, if you’re looking to treat a special someone!

North Yorkshire | buon vino | online wine store
Buon Vino

Buon Vino are a company streets ahead of your everyday, traditional wine retailer. Based in Settle, North Yorkshire (a beautiful part of the world), they have a retail space, wholesale capabilities and an online store.

Buon Vino are helping drive the natural wine scene in North Yorkshire and the North West by sourcing incredible biodynamic wines from the likes of Gut Oggau, a biodynamic powerhouse that sets the standard for natural wine production (in our humble opinion).

The online store at Buon Vino offers an extensive range of biodynamic and organic wines in a user friendly, easy to use format, which enables you to filter products through country of origin to style of production. They offer free local delivery on orders above £75 which is great, however if you don’t qualify for local delivery or don’t spend £75 then an additional charge of £4.95 which we don’t think is too bad either.

It’s not just our opinion though; Buon Vino was awarded the ‘Best organic and biodynamic specialist’ title at the Decanter retail awards! We would recommend ordering a mixed case. This qualifies you for free shipping and you get 12 bottles of fantastic low intervention wine to choose from!

Want to pay a visit to the guys at Buon Vino? Well get directions by clicking here!

low intervention bottles | wright's food emporium | independent food shop
The retail space at Wright’s Food Emporium

You might be thinking “What’s a food store doing on a wine page?” Well, when this food store has a dedicated section to natural wine and online store we think it deserves a place.

We included this small welsh outfit in our list of best UK biodynamic wine retailers because of the dedication they have to biodynamic and natural produce. The online store isn’t as user friendly as bigger wine retailers, but that adds to the charm. The pictures of the bottles in their retail space were clearly taken on a smartphone, which we like. It reaffirms the wholesome, independent lifestyle and mindset that Biodynamic principles represent.

Their online store presents the costs upfront and don’t hide any added taxes/vat to your order. The delivery charges are worked out based on volume of your order (bottles) and distance of delivery, which is fair. They also offer gift vouchers, so if you know a biodynamic wine fan and want to get them a gift (Christmas is coming), I’m sure they’ll be very happy with a voucher from Wright’s Food Emporium!

Fancy a visit to Wright’s food emporium? Well click here to get directions!

online wine store | l'altrevi | catalan wineries
L’altrevi means ‘The other guys’

Mother and son duo, Rachel and Ruben Everett are behind the brilliant L’altrevi. This Oxford based company is THE place to go for natural Catalan wine (maybe second to Savage Vines). The Everetts have a lot of family ties and links to the Penedes region of Catalunya. They use these personal connections to bring some of the best biodynamic wine to the UK.

L’altrevi’s unique selling point is that they only sell wine from Catalunya and only work with small wineries with whom they have a personal relationship with. Because of this they currently work with nine wineries, from four of the DOs in the region and at the time of writing are over in Catalunya. They’re sourcing more wine to add to their collection!

We ran a piece earlier in the year about our favourite natural wineries in Catalunya, which coincidentally featured some of L’altrevi’s producers. That’s got to be a reason to feature them on our favourite biodynamic wine retailers list.

The L’altrevi website is very user friendly and their online blog is regularly updated to inform customers of their latest exploits. When purchasing, it is very straight forward. Items are subject to £9.50 shipping costs, however we think that it’s worth it. After all, you’re paying for specially picked, biodynamic wines, produced by independent bodegas, supplied by an independent importer!

Have a look at the L’altrevi online store here

online wine store | pure wines | wine gifts
Pure Wines imports natural wines to the UK

Pure Wines are a young company (est 2018) who specialise in importing natural wines to the UK. In a short amount of time, they have amassed an impressive catalogue of over 140 wines. These range from little known bottles from small production wineries like ‘Promised Land‘ by Tim Phillips, all the way to world renowned wines like ‘Susucaru‘ from Frank Cornellisen.

The Pure Wines website is very easy to navigate. There are multiple drop down columns, enabling you to filter through regions, styles and grapes varieties. So if you have a hankering for a specific kind of wine, you’ll be able to find it.

There’s three options for delivery. Standard delivery is £7.99, next day delivery is £8.99 and Saturday deliveries are £13.99. Alternatively, if you’re based in London, then you can collect from their offices in Fitzrovia for free. Pure Wines also offer to half and even waive the delivery price if you buy 12 or 18 bottles respectively.

Partial to Pure Wine? Well check out their latest offers here!


We hope you enjoyed reading our guide to the UK’s best biodynamic wine retailers. The demand for low intervention wines has increased exponentially in recent years, which has afforded the growth of companies like Savage Vines and our friends from the other profiled companies. However, the retail space is difficult, especially when we have to compete with the buying power of supermarkets. This is evident from the sheer amount of vintners closing their doors (Le Petit Ballon UK for example).

With this in mind, we encourage you to support independent wine retailers. Especially the ones bringing in biodynamic wines to the UK.

Savage Vines imports low intervention wine from small independent vineyards from around the world into the United Kingdom. The wines we source are made by family businesses and by supporting us you are supporting them and that is our mission. Join our wine subscription from £29.95 a month (free delivery) and we will send you two unique, high quality wines which you will not find on the high street or supermarket shelves. Monthly wine subscription boxes come with tasting notes and a podcast talking you through each wine. Monthly subscribers’ also get 25% off wine repurchases. Gift or join the wine subscription today.

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