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Learn about Biodynamic wine and how it is better for you, the winemaker and environment.

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  • Your Biodynamic Wine Specialists

    We look to import wine direct from biodynamic family-owned vineyards.

    Savage Vines currently has more than 250 different bottles of organic and biodynamic wine in our online store and our range continues to grow.

  • Biodynamic Wine Is A Trend That’s Growing

    The organic and biodynamic wine market is growing at pace.

    Winemakers and consumers are beginning to understand the importance of organic farming and its role in environmental sustainability. Get in on this growing trend and try biodynamic wine today!

  • Drink Biodynamic Wine & Help Save the Planet

    Biodynamic wine isn’t produced using the same chemicals and fertilisers that conventional wine does.

    Biodynamic wine has less additives than conventional wine and winemakers use less chemicals in the vineyards to control pests and weeds which impact vine health.

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Biodynamic Wine = No Pesky Pesticides

Grapes used to make Biodynamic wine are not sprayed with harmful chemical pesticides, fertilisers and herbicides.

These sprays are used to kill weeds and insects which attack the vines, but residues of the chemical sprays can remain behind and end up in our soils and waterways which contaminate other products we consume. Bio winemakers adopt natural methods to manage pests and weeds which creates a more environmentally sustainable and natural wine for you to enjoy.

Biodynamic Wine Is Environment Over Everything

You don’t need us to tell you that environmental concerns is arguably the most pressing issue humankind has ever faced. Organic and bio-dynamic wine-making methods are both more conducive to a successful and sustainable planet. Cheers to that!

Get the Skinny on Sulphites

Some wine drinkers attribute part of a hangover to these pesky preservatives. While sulphites are a naturally occurring compound in wine, conventional winemakers will add chemical to help them with the wine-making process. Biodynamic wine will have far less sulphites as they are regulated in terms of how much they can add.

Less Additives and No Added Sugar

Conventional wine can often contain additives and added sugar.

Biodynamic wines are free of additives such as refined sugar and sulphuric acids. These can harm the biodiversity of the surrounding area. Conventional winemakers often bolster the sugar content of wine artificially as well. Wine contains naturally occurring sugars but some winemakers add sugar to achieve their desired alcohol by volume (ABV)% or mask impurities in the quality of the fruit. This frequently occurs in the production of bulk wine which you will find in supermarkets.

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