Kuentz Bas Wine

Browse our range of Kuentz Bas wine online. Buy high quality white wine, and sparkling wine including cremant. All wines sourced directly from the Alsace region in France. Kuentz Bas is a small, family vineyard and all their wines are certified biodynamic and of very high quality. UK wide delivery. Call us on 0204 501 8436 if you need any recommendations on Alsace wine or would like to place an order over the phone.

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Are you looking for high quality white wine, red wine and sparkling wine from the Alsace wine region in France? Shop our range Kuentz Bas and other independent Alsace vineyards online. If you’re looking to save money on wine, then you might be interested in joining our wine subscription service or becoming a wine club member as you will save up to 25% off all of our wines on our website 365 days’ a year.


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