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25th August 2019

If you are looking to buy some organic wine online then take a look at our top five selling organic and bio-dynamic wines. Savage Vines buy direct from independent organic and bio-dynamic winemakers and send them direct to your door. UK Wide Delivery.

  1. Karl Haidle – Ritzling – Riesling 2018 £13.99 [GER]
  2. Bauer Poltl – Blaufrankisch 2017 £14.25 [AUT]
  3. Charles Frey – Pinot Noir 2018 [FRA]
  4. Chateau De Gaure – Campagne Chardonnay 2019 [FRA]
  5. Vina Los Valles – Tempranillo 2018 [ESP]

What Is Organic Wine?

In short, organic wine is wine made from organically grown grapes. Organically grown grapes have not been sprayed with artificial herbicides and pesticides. Instead, the winemaker uses natural techniques and methods to control harmful pests and weeds in the vineyard. Refer to our page on organic wine to find out more about the difference between organic and bio-dynamic winemaking practices.

How To Tell If A Wine Is Organic

For wine produced in the EU, there are two main certifications to look out for when buying organic and bio-dynamic wine. These are DEMETER and ECOCERT, who are the two main governing bodies over organic farming and bio-dynamic wine production. All wines which have met their stringent criteria will have their logo’s on the back of the wine label. The wine bottle will also make reference that the wine has been made in under organic farming practices. Below are the Demeter and Eco Cert logo’s to look out for.

Demeter Bio-dynamic Wine Regulation | Buy Organic Wine Online
Demeter Logo – Certified Biodynamic Winemaking
Eco cert | Organic Wine Certification | Buy Organic Wine Online
Eco Cert – Certified Organic Wines EU.

Is Organic Wine Better Wine For You?

Research suggests that anything you consume which has been in contact herbicides and pesticides is not going to be good for you. Drinking organic wine means that you are consuming grapes which have not been subject to these harmful sprays and therefore would be considered a cleaner and more natural product. There are other health benefits of organic wine which you can read about here.

Best Place To Buy Organic Wine Online

  1. Savage Vines | Organic & Bio-dynamic Wine Specialist
  2. Pull The Cork | Natural, Organic & Bio Wines
  3. Vintage Roots | Organic & Bio-dynamic Wines
  4. Pure Wines | Online Wine Shop
  5. Smashing Wines | Organic, Bio & Natural Wines

Click on the links and you can browse a selection of their organic and biodynamic wines. 

Learn About Organic Wine

The world of wine is fascinating and currently undergoing huge changes across the industry. Organic, Bio-dynamic and Natural wines are growing in popularity as people become more educated about the harmful effects of herbicides and pesticides to themselves and the environment. Below is a list of  online resources where you can learn about organic and bio-dynamic wine:

  1. I Blame The Wine | The Best Organic Wines
  2. Demeter | Bio-Dynamic Wine FAQs
  3. Savage Vines | The Health Benefits Of Organic Wine
  4. Dr Axe | 10+ Reasons To Drink Organic Wine
  5. Healthline | Effect Of Pesticides On Health

Organic Wine Tasting Events

If you are curious about organic wine and want to know more, then consider attending or hosting an organic wine tasting. Savage Vines hosts Organic Wine Tasting Events for private parties and corporate clients. Price start at £30 per person for a tasting of five different wines and a grazing plate. Call us on 0203 603 1150 or email the team [email protected] to find out more. 

Organic Wine Tasting Events UK | Buy Organic Wine Online
Savage Vines Wine Tasting Mat

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