Camel Valley Wine | Complete With The Royal Seal Of Approval

Harry Lambourne
13th July 2021

English Wine is on the rise, with a wealth of English vineyards producing great wine. Among them, Camel Valley is undoubtedly one of the leading producers of English wine currently operating. This family run vineyard opened in 1989 and since then has gone from strength to strength. Camel Valley Vineyard offer a variety of award-winning still and sparkling wine, with a number of different varieties to choose from.

Camel Valley wine has even garnered Royal attention, which we will look at later on in the article. If you’re looking to dive into one of the best UK vintners around, while sampling the same wines the Queen does, then this is the one. Let’s look at where Camel Valley Vineyard is located, what makes them Royally ‘approved’ and what you can expect to gain from a vineyard visit and sample of their finest juice.

Where Is Camel Valley Vineyard?

Camel Valley is situated on the banks of the River Camel in Cornwall. Their vineyard is a five hour drive from Central London. Despite this, a visit to the vineyard itself could play a part of a wider Cornwall oenophile holiday. If you’re wondering what the world of Cornish wine has to offer, then have a read of our guide here. Without a doubt, Cornwall is an ideal location for a long-weekend, filled with delicious wine and seafood delights.

Camel Valley is 20 miles inland from the coast and the beautiful town of Padstow. As you follow the Camel River to the sea, there is no shortage of scenery to soak in, if you were to make a visit down to the vineyards. Padstow also boasts a number of well-known eateries, including ‘The Seafood Restaurant, the restaurant of household name and celebrity chef Rick Stein. Indeed, Camel Valley wine is a feature on their wine list.

Camel Valley has the deep valleys you’d expect from such a named place. This allows for stunning views of the surroundings. You can delve through the rich vineyards, before perching towards the top of the hills. Soaking in the sun as nature intended, with a glass of Camel Valley wine of course.

Camel Valley Wine
Camel Valley Vineyard Tour – Wine Lovers Learning About Their Vines

Camel Valley’s Royal Warrant

Now onto Camel Valley Wine and their Royal Seal of Approval. In September 2018, Camel Valley wine became the first English vineyard to receive the ‘Royal Warrant’. This prestigious honour means that they are an official supplier to the Royal Family. They join the ranks of other drinks brands such as Martini, Bollinger, Pol Roger, Pimms and Moet & Chandon.

The fact that they are the first English vintner to receive such an award is a testament to their commitment to quality and their status as a key figure in the UK wine industry. With a history of producing fantastic wines, which have won awards annually since 1996. Camel Valley wine is a stamp of quality. 

Camel Valley began life as a sheep and cattle farm. Over time, owners Bob and Annie Lindo, noticed that each summer the Cornish sun only served to turn their grass brown. It was at this point they wondered if they were actually sitting on the perfect site for an English vineyard.

Camel Valley Wine Bob Lindo
Bob Lindo & His Son Sam Who Is Now The Camel Valley Winemaker

Bob and Annie then took the plunge, immersing themselves into viticulture and every vine and wine book they could find. Through hard work, they turned Camel Valley farm into the stunning vineyard it is known as today. From a field of burnt brown grass, to the drink of Royals.

Camel Valley and their Royal seal of approval
Camel Valley’s Royal Seal Of Approval

Top Camel Valley Wines

Now you know the history, let’s look at some of the wines they have to offer so you can find exactly what you’re looking for.

The best place to start with Camel Valley wine may be the 2018 Camel Valley Cornwall Brut. This blend of Seyval Blanc, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes has everything you’d want from a great sparkling wine. Served in Rick Stein’s world-famous restaurant, this delicious vintage offers citrus fruits on the nose and palate, with a crisp and delicate acidity. This wine won the Silver for 2018 at the International Wine Challenge and would be an excellent place to start.

Another fantastic offering from Camel Valley is their 2018 Camel Valley Pinot Noir Rose Brut. The list of accolades for this wine is long. It includes a ‘Gold Gastronomic’ at the Glass of Bubbly Awards and a Gold at 2021’s International Wine Challenge, as well as other awards spread across 3 years. This is also a testament to this vintage’s longevity. On the nose you can expect a delicate balance of strawberries and floral tones. With a fresh and acidic taste, that makes one think of wild strawberries and raspberries. This one shouldn’t be missed.

Camel Valley has more to offer than simply sparkling wines though. If you’re looking for something still, then I’d recommend the 2020 Camel Valley Bacchus Dry. Yet again, an award-winning offering from Camel Valley. This white wine took silver at the 2020 International Wine Challenge. This dry white wine is both fresh & fruity. You can expect to taste the crisp and tangy flavours of both elderflower and grapefruit. This certainly feels right at home on a hot Summer’s day.

Camel Valley Vineyards – Wine Tastings & Tours

You may already be starting the car and heading down to Cornwall, ready to sample all it is that Camel Valley wine has to offer. If that’s the case then you’ll be happy to hear that they offer both tours and on site stays.

They offer a relaxed tour through the stunningly located vineyard. You’ll learn about the growing season and see behind the scenes of how the winery works. Don’t worry, the tour also includes a flight of four flagship wines. They recommend allowing two hours to enjoy the whole tour and tasting experience.

Enjoying some Camel Valley wine in the sun
Enjoying some Camel Valley wine in the sun

If you aren’t keen on a full tour, then you can also enjoy any number of wines on their terrace throughout the whole day. This is the perfect setting to enjoy their wine. Sitting on the top of the hill, overlooking the vineyards. Seeing the grapes that will no doubt one day be winning awards.

Camel Valley wine is certainly a star of English wine. Whether you’re thinking of a tour of the Cornish vineyards, or simply looking to enjoy a bottle at home – Camel Valley is well worthy of consideration.

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