Champagne Flutes – The Perfect Vessel for Bubbles

Harry Lambourne
25th August 2022

Champagne is the drink synonymous with celebration and the big moments in life. So, the perfect vessel for this drink is required. While coupes possess a kind of Art Deco, Flapper Girl Flair – Champagne Flutes are now the design of choice.

Champagne flutes are a wonderful blend of sleek, attractive design and function to help enhance your favourite bubbly. Over this article we can look into Champagne flutes in more detail. This includes; why they are served in the shape they are, the alternative types of Champagne glasses and some of the top brands to look out for.

Next time you’re celebrating you’ll have the best glassware brand for it and know exactly why the wine is tasting so good as it rolls to the top of your Champagne flute. Let’s read on!

Map Of The Champagne Region

Why Is Champagne Served In a Champagne Flute?

To some a Champagne flute may appear somewhat of a precarious design. A delicate stem and a thin glass that tapers towards the top. However, this elegant form actually has a clear function to it. A Champagne flutes design is thought to enhance your experience while drinking.

There are two reasons in particular why the Champagne flutes design has become so ubiquitous in glassware. The first is the small surface area of the narrow flute. The idea behind this is simple. The narrow Champagne Flute helps the sparkling wine of choice retain its quintessential effervescence for longer. By narrowing the amount of space that the bubbles have to disperse, you’ll get the persistent fizz that you’re looking for. This contrasts to the coupe design where the bubbles disperse far more rapidly.

The second reason for the Champagne flutes design is to enhance the flavour, or rather your perception of the aromas of the sparkling wine. Champagne flutes taper in towards the top, therefore the aromas concentrate in the same manner. It is worth noting, that particularly expressive wines may not have the room to breathe as much as you would like. This is the reason that big and bold red wines, or even white wine, aren’t served in these smaller flutes. Yet, for the more accessible, un-aged sparking wines Champagne flutes are a great choice.

Now, to contrast to the coupe again. There is some thinking that the coupe allows for a greater appreciation of the aromas as they all escape out more rapidly. However, you can run into the same issue as the dispersing bubbles. What appears more intense actually evaporates quicker.

These are the two primary reasons people often opt for the Champagne flutes. The design not only helps retain the bubbles, but it also allows for sparkling wine flavours to concentrate towards the top.

Alternatives To Champagne Flutes

Champagne flutes may be the design you see most often. However, it is not the only option. A number of other designs, or approaches can still provide you with a wonderful experience. Let’s look at where you can turn to if Champagne flutes aren’t for you.

The Tulip CHampagne GLass

Now, the tulip design may seem extremely similar to the flute and in many respects it is. It doesn’t allow that fantastic fizz to disperse too quickly and it also tapers to the top to allow aromas to concentrate. What sets it apart is that the the bowl is wider. This subtle difference means that more aromatic and floral notes are discernible. It makes it a great opportunity for particularly aromatic sparkling wines to flourish, such as Prosecco.

The Coupe Champagne Glass

Next, the Coupe. We’ve touched on some of the reasons why coupes may be preferred or ignored in favour of the Champagne flute. The bubbles can disperse quickly, as come some of the flavours.

However, this interesting and classic design actually has the potential to soften some features of wine and even bring out wines with particularly fruity and sweeter notes. Sparkling Muscat and Asti could actually have a perfect home in the coupe.

So, if you’re a sweet wine enthusiast, or you’re just looking for a design that’s a bit retro, the coupe is the one for you.

Small White Wine Glasses

You may not want to enjoy your sparkling wine from a specialist glass at all. In fact, there are many schools of thought that think avoiding classic Champagne flutes is beneficial. Small white wine glasses won’t maintain fizz to the same degree, but they do allow aromas and flavours to be more expressive.

Classic white wine glasses will allow you to appreciate your sparkling wine in a different way. A style of wine where this is particularly desirable is older, vintage Champagnes and other sparkling wines made through the traditional method such as Cava.

These wines are less likely to retain that fizz anyway and they are also more likely to have layers and layers of nuanced, complex flavours. These especially complex flavours may not all be able to make themselves known through a tapered Champagne flute.

So, if you’ve got a bottle which you’ve been saving for a while, consider using a small white wine glass with a wider rim.

The Best Champagne Flute Brands

Not all glassware is created equal. Some top glassware brands make crystalware that not only looks great, but genuinely enhances the flavour of your wine to a new level. Top Champagne Flutes brands include Riedel, Spiegelau and L’Atelier du Vin. Let’s look at some now.

The Riedel Wine Glass Company

As the name suggests, Riedel is one of the best places to find high quality glassware, designed specifically for wine. This family owned company dates back the the 17th century. By the 20th century they’d established themselves as a world leader in crystal wine glassware.

Riedel is great due to the sheer scope and variety of wine glassware products they produce. Whether, you want a classic design, something with a wider bowl to help accentuate vintage Champagne, or even something stemless – Riedel has got you covered. Check out some of their top Champagne glass products below!

If you’re looking to learn more about this bastion of the wine glassware world, we recommend reading our deep-dive in the Riedel Wine Glass Company. You can read the full article here.


Spiegelau began life creating ornate glassware for the old Royal courts of Europe. Kings and Queens will have stared at their own reflection in Spiegelau glassware. Today, they’re known for producing high-performance sleek crystalware which makes them a stalwart across the modern hospitality industry.

Spiegelau Champagne Flutes‘ possess a sleek crystal glass design which ensures that the aroma and bouquet of the Champagne is delivered in a perfectly authentic way. For a set of 4 crystal champagne glasses, they represent great value for money.

L’Atelier Du Vin

L’Atelier du Vin are relative newcomers on the scene compared to our previous examples of premium glassware brands. They began making high-quality corkscrews and wine glasses in 1926. Indeed, the breadth of different, unique designs that they produce in all areas of wine accessories is staggering and has helped establish themselves as a global leader in this industry.

They produce products which are used in everything from 5 star hotels to local wine bars and are trusted by some of the world’s top sommeliers and industry members. Their Champagne flutes are no different. Elegantly designed to enhance the aromas of your favourite bottle of bubbles.

We hope you’ve now got your head wrapped around the world of Champagne flutes and other forms of fizz glassware.

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