Godello Wine | Find Out About a Rare Spanish Grape

Harry Lambourne
16th July 2019

At Savage Vines, we like to give our readers and customers all the information they need to choose and discover different wines. With this in mind, we thought we would go to Galicia and talk about one of our favourite grapes. This is our Godello wine guide.


Godello wine comes from a rare white grape found predominantly in North West Spain and Northern Portugal, most famously in the Galicia region. Pronounced ‘Go-dey-yo’, it came close to extinction in the 1970’s, with very few winemakers opting to utilise this indigenous grape variety. However, it’s fortunes are changing and it has since had a resurgence thanks to two people; Horacio Fernández and Luis Hidalgos. Today there’s approximately 1000 hectares (2471 acres) of Godello vines in Galicia. Godello wine isn’t going anywhere just yet!

Galicia Wine Region | Where is Godello Wine From
Map of Galicia, North-West Spain

Godello produces lively white wines which combines citrus and subtle stone fruit aromas. When it is well-made, you often get a lovely minerality in the wine. Wine writer Jancis Robinson is particularly a fan of Godello wine, often claiming that “it has all the structure of white Burgundy“. If you’re a fan of Chardonnay from Burgundy, make sure you check out Godello wine.

There are many Denominacion de Origens (DO) in Galicia. The most famous being Rías Baixas, which is particularly renowned for Mencía and Albarino. However, there are many other smaller, less well-known DOs including MonterreiRibeira SacraRibeiro and Valdeorras. All these sub-regions produce Godello wine, and with their own individual micro-climates, will produce slightly different expressions.

However, the climate is similar throughout the whole Godello/Galician wine-scape. It has prolonged warm weather, which lasts all the way through to October. As a result, expect Godello wines to be bone-dry, high in alcohol (circa 13%-15%) with medium-high levels of acidity.

In terms of aroma and taste profile, expect green apple, lemon and perhaps a hint of white peach. You may also get some subtle nuttiness and bee’s wax if the wine has been fermented in oak barrels. The oaked varieties of Godello wine will also likely have more body than the unoaked varieties. Again, this is not dissimilar to Burgundy.


If you’re anything like us, then you see every meal as an opportunity to find a good wine pairing. Whilst being a refreshing white wine, Godello wine normally boasts a fuller body. With this in mind we would recommend pairing it with meaty seafood dishes like scallops. Scallops with fresh lime and a coriander dressing on top would be fantastic. This recipe is a real winner and would go great with the Godello wine.


Despite being a rare grape, we are blessed in the UK as we have an abundance of great importers bringing world class wine in. You can’t go wrong with the Godello wine and we do stock some here at Savage Vines. However, this wouldn’t be much of a Godello wine guide if we didn’t highlight quality Godello wine available from other importers, as well as us!

Bodegas Antonio Montero has several vineyards

Bodegas Antonio Montero is a great winery with vineyards based all around Galicia, with their winery based in Ribeiro. This Godello is made from grapes grown in their Monterrei vineyard.

This wine is one of our favourites. We love it so much that we import it directly from the winery! The 2018 vintage is pale yellow in colour and has really youthful citrus fruit aromas. It’s packed with a lovely acidity which helps it pair with pan fried white fish and salad, topped off with a lime vinaigrette.

Gagging for Godello? Well you can buy it for as little as £10.10 if you’re a Savage Vines subscriber.

2017 Godello by Rafael Palacios

All I really need to say about this is that Jancis Robinson hold Rafael Palacios in high regard. If you’re unaware who Janis Robinson is, she is regarded as THE wine writer of our time. We would recommend reading her ‘24 Hour Wine Expert‘ book. If you’re looking for some other great Jancis Robinson books, check out our recommendations below.

Godello has the capability to age, however it is delicious when drunk young. We believe that the 2017 Louro do Bolo is drinking really well and has added concentration, due to the low yields that year.

Lusting after Louro? Well you can buy their 2017 here from Berry Bros!

This is a fantastic Godello

This is a very complex Godello wine and Dona Blanca blend. Actually from the Bierzo region, which is right next to Galicia, we thought we would include this to highlight the up and coming wine regions in Spain. The nose has ripe tropical fruit aromas, apple, and citrus with a hint of white flower. It has all the acidity that you could ever wish for, but is very balanced as to not overpower the wine.

“Where can I buy this Godello from?!?!” We hear you screaming? Our buddies over at Slurp have it in stock for a very reasonable price!

We hope you enjoyed our piece on Godello wine. It’s a truly fantastic grape that is sure to wow your friends, family or whoever you choose to share a bottle with! We’ve previously written about various Spanish wine regions in Catlunya like Montsant and Priorat. Have a read of them and remember… drink wine!

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