How to be Mindful – Being Mindful With Wine

9th December 2018

As life in the western world becomes more and more demanding, society is becoming increasingly aware of the importance of mindfulness and how to be mindful. Modern day stresses can be overwhelming at times and recent studies show that more than 70% of the western world is living in a state of stress.

Stress can manifest itself in several forms and can be derived from physical, emotional and psychological sources. For those of you who think you could be living in a state of constant stress, we recommend doing some further research into both mindfulness and other stress reduction techniques, such as meditation. There are recommendations throughout this blog that you may find useful if you want to learn how to be mindful.

how to be mindful

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness can be defined as a state of conscious being. In simple terms, this means where silence, solitude and reflection become part of one’s daily routine.  Studies have proven that practising mindfulness rituals can have positive effects on one’s mental health, helping to build a solid foundation for dealing with the stress of modern-day life.

How to be mindful

The Foundations of Mindfulness

There is no exact or precise method which tells you how to be mindful. It can be done in many ways, at different times of the day and in a variety of places. The foundations of mindfulness are based around a daily routine. You need to set aside some time, anywhere between fifteen and thirty minutes. Once you have consciously made the decision to be mindful, make sure you plan for it as part of your daily schedule or routine.

In other words, diarise it! During the time you have set aside, make sure you find a place that is quiet, where your focus or conscious thoughts will not be distracted or interrupted. You don’t have to be still to be practising mindfulness, so incorporating it into your morning or evening walk is fine. Especially if you think the kids or your partner will derail your mindfulness practice.

How to be mindful

How to Start Being Mindful

Let’s look at the physical processes on how to be mindful. During the time you have set aside, you need to ensure you are consciously in the present moment. Look around your environment, acknowledge and recognise the physical objects around you. If you are outside, touch the leaves on trees and recognise the different shades of green, gold and brown. Then take your thought to your breathing, taking long, slow and deep breaths. In through your nose, out through your mouth. Feel the air fill your lungs and expand into your stomach.

Do this for as long as it takes until you feel a sense of calm. It’s ok if your mind starts to wander, but just recognise the thought, let it pass and focus your mind to be in the present moment through your vision, touch and smell. Acknowledge three things that you are grateful for. Say these out loud, repeating each one five times.

How to be mindful

Mindfulness and Wine

So what does Mindfulness have to do with wine? Mindfulness and wine are actually a great combination. By taking the time out to enjoy a glass of wine on your own, provides you with the platform to practise mindfulness. If you are not convinced, hear me out.

If it takes thirty minutes to drink a glass of wine and appreciating a glass of wine forces you to be in the moment, then mindfulness and wine start to look like a match made in heaven. In a way it forces you to focus on one thing and put your mind into a state of appreciation.

How to be mindful

Wine drinkers will tell you that sitting down at the end of the day and enjoying a glass is one of the finer things in life. Could it be that those who take the time to sit down and reflect on the taste, structure and aroma of a wine are effectively practising mindfulness?  When you consciously think about the wine in your glass, the different aromas you are experiencing, the different flavours and notes, you are in the present moment and therefore being mindful.

So, on that note, this is how a wine club can be beneficial to your mindfulness practice. Learning about and appreciating wine helps you to be present. If being present and appreciating what you have helps with your emotional and mental state, then Winefulness [sorry I couldn’t resist] should be on you 2023 new year’s resolutions.

Learn More About Mindfulness

How to be mindful

The team at Savage Vines understand the important of taking time out to reflect and calm the mind. Below is a list of individuals who create various resources to assist you in learning about the practice of mindfulness and other personal development related areas:

Robin Sharma – Click here to go to resource

A lot of Robin’s content helps you to simplify your life and focus on what really matters.

Simon Sinek – Click here to go to resource

Simon delves deep into your personal beliefs and gets you to understand and identify your ‘why’.

The Mindful Movement – Click here to go to resource

The Mindful Movement is a community based organisation which create a lot of online content to help with stress, anxiety and calming the mind and body.

Tony Robbins – Click here to do to resource

The personal transformation genius. Tony’s speeches and presentations on YouTube are fantastic. Walking on fire anyone!?

Jason Stephenson – Click here to go to resource

True to my heart, Jason is an Australian guided meditation content creator. His free YouTube content is great for focusing the mind and being present.

There you have it – that’s how to be mindful and the processes behind it.  Something for you to think about in the new year. It’s important for you to make time for yourself, be grateful for what you have and stop thinking about all the negativity and stress in your life. Could it be that a wine subscription is the start to a new you?!

As always – drink quality, support independents and focus on yourself. That’s how to be mindful.

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How to be mindful

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