Is Whispering Angel Worth The Price?

Harry Lambourne
20th July 2023

You’ve likely spotted the famous Whispering Angel when you’re out and about. It’s been endorsed by everyone from sommeliers to celebrities and can be found at bars and restaurants across the world. However, you may have also asked ‘is Whispering Angel worth the price?’

Indeed, the Languedoc-Roussillon region of France, within which Provence and the Whispering Angel vineyards are found, is often a source of great value for money.

So, why is Whispering Angel notably more expensive? The short answer is because it is delicious. However, that’s not enough of a reason for many people to part with their hard-earned cash. Plenty of cheaper wines are also delicious!

Now, we’re going to look a bit more is the story behind this wine, with some accompanying tasting notes for the famous Whispering Angel. We’ll then look into some top tips on saving money on Whispering Angel! That should leave you in a better place for deciding, ‘is Whispering Angel worth the price?’

Without further ado, let’s look at the question of ‘is Whispering Angel worth the price?’

Who Makes Whispering ANgel?

Before we’re equipped to look at the matter of ‘is Whispering Angel worth the price?’, we need to look at the people behind it.

Whispering Angel is produced by Château d’Esclans. The vineyards are situated in the north east of St. Tropez in Provence. This region has established a reputation for producing some of the most desirable rosé wines in the world. They’re known for their pale pink colour and dry, refreshing finish.

In Château d’Escalns current form, they’re a relatively recent player in the world of wine-making. Sacha Linane, the man behind Whispering Angel, acquired this vineyard in 2006. It’s safe to say, that they’ve gone from strength to strength since this acquisition.

Château d'Esclans Vineyard - Is Whispering Angel worth the price?
Is Whispering Angel Worth The Price? – Château d’Esclans Vineyard

Indeed, the rise of rosé is undeniable and Château d’Esclans is at the forefront of this. Currently, it represents a 65% share of the premium rosé market. It can barely make the stuff fast enough, with 20% of it’s annual harvest in 2022 being sold in just 30 days!

While it’s rise is meteoric, it is importance to recognise that a lot of innovation and research has gone into this product. They are true vintners who are not just in the right place at the right time. A commitment to quality is clear.

They will look to harvest either before sunrise, or in the dead of night. The lower temperatures at harvest time lock in that crisp acidity and freshness which makes Provencal rosé so desirable.

Then, all grapes are manually sorted which helps to ensure that only the perfectly ripe grapes of the highest quality will make it into their wine.

They also employ high-tech methods in the cellar. Temperature controls and laboratory testing are both used throughout the wine-making process.

This is key to delivering in quality. However, the importance of this goes even further. Whispering Angel is now a major global brand, so consistency is a must. They have a great product and now continuous work and effort must go into it, to ensure that consumer expectations are met.

So, if you’re asking ‘is Whispering Angel worth the price?’, the above should explain some of the price tag. It’s an incredibly high tech and prestigious operation at this point with a great degree of demand and brand recognition.

It is due to these facts the Whispering Angel does cost more than your usual rosé. If you ask a lot of consumers, ‘is Whispering Angel worth the price?’, they’ll say yes! So, it is unlikely Château d’Esclans will drop the price.

What Does Whispering Angel Taste Like?

This is perhaps, the most pivotal point when you’re asking yourself, ‘is Whispering Angel worth the price?’. So, let’s take a look into the specifics of this famous wine and help you find an answer.

Is Whispering Angel Worth The Price?
Is Whispering Angel Worth The Price?

In many respects, Whispering Angel is a classic Provencal wine. It blends three grapes found throughout the south of France. They are Cinsault, Grenache and Rolle. These grapes work quite wonderfully as a blend. Cinsault adds really nice red fruit and floral flavours. Grenache manages to give the wine a good amount of body and alcohol. Finally Rolle, (which you’ll see called Vermentino outside of Provence), provides a light, refreshing acidity. The end result is a delightfully balanced wine.

You can see these grapes working together in the tasting notes for the Whispering Angel. There’s crisp acidic notes of pink grapefruit and grapefruit rind. Then, floral flecks of fresh roses and blossom. Finally, a whole heap of red fruit flavours which include strawberry, raspberry and redcurrant. Crucially, this wine also has that classic Provencal finish. Crisp, dry, light and refreshing with that enticing pale pink colour.

Provence rosé comes in many shapes and sizes, but if you are a fan of this style of wine, then Whispering Angel truly is a great example of it. So, if Provence rosé is your thing, maybe you shouldn’t be asking ‘is Whispering Angel worth the price?’. Instead, you should be treating yourself to a bottle. But, make sure you read below for a tip on how to save money on this delicious wine.

Money Saving Tip – IS Whispering Angel Worth the Price?

As to whether, ‘is Whispering Angel worth the price?’, we think yes. It’s a great wine to treat yourself to once in a while, it doesn’t need to be something you tuck into two or three times a week! However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look for the best deal out there.

We at Savage Vines are happy to stock Whispering Angel and we sell it for £19.95 a bottle. However, anyone who is a member of our monthly wine subscription, or wine club, gets 25% off all single bottles on our site. That means you could be buying Whispering Angel for just £14.96! You’ll struggle to pick this wine up at a better price.

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If you’re now answering an emphatic yes to the question, ‘is Whispering Angel worth the price?’ and you’re thinking of picking up a bottle of Whispering Angel, make sure you explore both these options before you do!

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