Montsant Holiday Guide | Catalonia’s Newest Wine Region

Harry Lambourne
19th June 2019

Planning a holiday? Thinking Spain, in search of good wine but not fussed about the usual tourist traps? We’ve got your solution with the best Montsant Holiday Guide.


First on the Montsant Holiday guide – how to get there! The easiest way to get to Montsant is by flying to Barcelona, then hiring a car. If you live in the UK, there are daily flights from all major airports. Even in the height of summer, you’ll rarely pay more than £150 for a return flight to Barcelona. Check Google flights for the best prices from your nearest airport.

We would recommend spending a night in Barcelona on your way to Montsant, and then another one before you fly home. It’s a great city, with tremendous wine bars. If you do, read our blog on the best wine bars in Barcelona to get things started. You won’t regret it!

Falset is the main town in Montsant. To get to Falset from Barcelona, it’s a really simple drive that takes just under two hours, see the route below.

Holiday Route - Journey Planner - Catalonia Road Trips
Drive from Barcelona to Falset in two hours

The easiest way to get to Falset from Barcelona is to hire a car. Barcelona airport has a number of car rental companies, where you can pick up your vehicle straight after you land. However, if you’re on a budget we recommend shopping around and booking in advance! Visit Do You Spain for some great deals – a top Montsant Holiday Guide tip!


Although we know you’ll be going for the Montsant wine, there’s plenty of other cultural attractions to visit. So, as part of this Montsant Holiday Guide, take a look at our list of the best cultural and liquid attractions below:

Places to visit in falset - catalan holidays -winery visits - spanish wine holidays

The Old Cooperative Winery, Falset – The cooperative has been in existence since 1912, and the building was designed by César Martinell, a disciple of Gaudi, who created it in the style of a cathedral! Construction was finished in 1919 and it’s a must see attraction in the town. The Cooperative is still producing quality wine, vermouth and olive oil to this day. There was no way we’d miss featuring this in our Montsant holiday guide.

cultural sights in spain - spanish museums -catalan history - holiday guide to spain

Castell de Falset Museu Comarcal – This museum is quite a recent addition to the town of Falset, and it’s not one to be missed. The exhibitions are subject to change, but it focuses on the cultural history of the local area. One of the more interesting is the maritime industry during the Iberian and Roman times. A must visit – we had to include in our Montsant Holiday Guide.

Mountain walks spain - old monastery walks - hiking in catalonia - walking holidays

Montsant Natural Park – As Montsant is literally translated to ‘Holy Mountain’, it would be bad practice to not mention the Montsant Natural Park, as it provides dozens of trails throughout the mountain range. We recommend going for a hike on the Carthusian monastery of Escaladei route. This is an easy route that takes approximately 90 minutes. With this in mind you can leisurely walk up to a magnificent structure, whilst roaming through the vineyards at the bottom of the monastery.


We know that you’re going for the wine, so as part of our Montsant holiday guide we’ve created a list of the best places for you to grab a glass of wine!

bars in tarragona - natural wine bars spain - spanish wine holidays

Bar cortijo is based in the town of Tarragona, not far from Falset. It specialises in natural wine and has an ever-changing wine list. It doesn’t look like much and isn’t in any of the tourist areas, so to be honest you probably won’t just stumble upon it. This has to be included in a Montsant Holiday Guide, it’s very much a local’s bar, so it’s perfect for getting that authentic Catalan feel on your holiday.

Want a glass at Bar Cortijo? Well here’s the address

best restaurants in montsant - restaurant guide falset - montsant - best wine lists in catalonia - spanish food

Next in our Montsasnt holiday guide is Celler de L’Aspic. This great restaurant boasts an incredible wine list, so it was always going to make it onto our Montsant Holiday Guide. It prioritises wines from Montsant and Priorat, whilst offering wine from the rest of Catalunya and the world. The restaurant prides itself on combining the old traditions on Catalunya with the contemporary, in all aspects.

Has that wine list got your salivating? Get directions for your next glass here

best restaurants in montsant - restaurant guide falset - montsant - best wine lists in catalonia - spanish food

Don’t let the fact that this is called The Sport Bar fool you, it’s on our Montsant Holiday Guide with good reason. This bar/restuarant serves up tasty and authentic Catalan dishes to the general public and guests of the hotel. Their wine list is a homage to the local producers and includes a couple of bottles from our favourite winery ‘Venus La Universal‘.

Find directions to this amazing wine list by clicking here!

best restaurants in montsant - restaurant guide falset - montsant - best wine lists in catalonia - spanish food

The wine list at Brichs is a fantastic example to their commitment to the local land. They acknowledge that they can’t represent every single micro-climate and the 200+ producers in Montsant and Priorat in just one list, but it doesn’t stop them from trying. The list will take you through several different styles and price ranges in order to give the drinker an idea of how complex and amazing the region is. As for the food here, well… I’m just going to say this “Fillet of pork trotter and apple, foie and ranci wine sauce” (delicious). No Montsant Holiday Guide is complete without this.

If the sound of pigs trotters is making you squeal in excitement then get directions here!

best restaurants in montsant - restaurant guide falset - montsant - best wine lists in catalonia - spanish food

Last on our Montsant Holiday guide is El Cairat. This place was started over 34 years ago by couple Juli and Mercé and it has developed from a humble cafe to an iconic establishment in Falset, serving amazing Catalan cuisine. Juli and Mercé ran the restaurant together right up until Juli’s death in 2011, and now Mercé has channelled his energy into running the restaurant with the spirit of his late partner. He fondly calls the restaurant ‘El Cairet del Juli’.

Their wine list is simple, concise and affordable. It showcases the best wine from the local area, while offering something for everyone. Their menu offers a set menu and you can get three courses from their seasonal or local menu for circa thirty euros. Not bad going!


There is plenty of accommodation in Montsant. Where you stay depends on your budget and also which places you would like to visit. There are key considerations for any Montsant Holiday Guide.

There are two main options if you are looking at visiting Montsant. If you want to stay somewhere nearer to the coastal area of Montsant then the city of Tarragona is definitely a great area to set up camp in. It has a lot going on in its own right, near the sea and is only a short drive into the Montsant DO where the vineyards are located.

Technically Tarragona isn’t a part of Montsant, as it has its own DO when it comes to wine making, but it is so close to Montsant DO, that a lot of areas within Montsant DO are governed by Tarragona council. Also, it’s a bigger city, so it opens up plenty of accommodation options.

Falset is 40 mins drive inland of Tarragona and is just that little bit closer to amazing wineries like Venus La Universal. It’s quaint, but still big enough to offer many attractions.

Where to stay in Tarragona & Falset

If you’re staying in Barcelona and prefer to take a day trip to Montsant and Priorat wineries then that is certainly possible. Take a look at our list of places to stay in our guide to the best wine bars in Barcelona, a great addition to our Montsant Holiday Guide.

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