An Organic Greek Vineyard – Mykonos Vioma

2nd July 2019

If you are travelling to Mykonos over the summer and looking for an authentic Greek experience, then an afternoon at organic Greek  vineyard Mykonos Vioma is an absolute must.

Mykonos Vioma is a small organic wine farm in the middle of Mykonos which produces amazing local Greek wine. They produce a white, red and rose wine, along with fresh authentic Greek food. It’s definitely a lock for your itinerary. 

Mykonos Vioma | White and Rose Wine
The White And Rose From Mykonos Vioma

There are not many roads on Mykonos island so getting there is relatively straight forward, even if there is a severe lack of road signs. The mobile phone reception in Mykonos is pretty good so Google Maps will have your back. Mykonos Vioma is about twenty five minutes drive by car, ATV or motor bike from Mykonos town. There are three main legends or turning points on route to Mykonos Vioma from the main town.

Firstly, the roundabout with the palm tree, then the small village / town of Ano Mera and finally the unsignposted left turn. The last one being the most tricky to spot of the journey. For reference, it’s about three minutes down the road once you turn at the village of Ano Mera. Good luck travel warriors!

Mykonos Vioma | Directions
Entrance To Mykonos Vioma

Organic Greek wine is simply wine made without the use of chemical sprays like herbicides and pesticides. Herbicides and pesticides are traditionally used in vineyards to control pests and weeds. Pests eat the grapes and the weeds compete with the vines for critical nutrients in the soil in order to grow and remain healthy. Instead of using chemical sprays and artificial products, organic vineyards like Mykonos Vioma use farm animals and natural methods to combat the pests and weeds.

If you visit Mykonos Vioma you will be introduced to donkey’s, goat’s, duck’s and turkey’s who are the modern day vineyard hands. If you want to learn more about organic and bio-dynamic wine you can find it in our blog page.

Mykonos Vioma Organic Wine Donkey
Head Of Vineyard Management – Mykonos Vioma

Mykonos Vioma also has a restaurant set at the top of the vineyard which can seat about forty people at any one time. Given it’s a twenty five minute drive out of the main town, I don’t think you will have any issues getting a table. Unless of course you head there with a big group of people. If that is the plan, it might be wise to call ahead and book. I recommend getting there for 12pm.

This will give you enough time for a short winery tour and explanation on how they make wine, take a few pictures and meet the animals before you sit down and sample the goods! That’s what you are there for right? By the time you have the tour, drink a few glasses of wine, eat some of their delicious food and are ready for your afternoon nap it will be about 2:30pm. Including travel time, plan for it to take about four hours in total.


Mykonos can be expensive, especially if you head there during the summer months. Mykonos Vioma is very well priced and I found both the food and wine to be excellent. We shared one of their tasting plates between two of us which was roughly €25. There is no way one person could finish it on their own without feeling overly full. Glasses of wine were €5 in the restaurant and we purchased some white wine to take back to enjoy on our hotel balcony.

Bottles of wine to take away were €7. If you budget for roughly €25 per person this will get you a lovely lunch, glass of wine overlooking the vineyard and a bottle to take home. That’s winning in my book.

Mykonos Vioma | Tasting Plate

If you can’t make it to Mykonos Vioma then you can get your Greek wine fix from a wine bar in Mykonos Town. The list below has our pick of the wine bars in Mykonos. If you want a comprehensive review on Wine Bars In Mykonos then you will find it in our wine blog

Enjoy your trip and make sure you leave a comment below if you find any more secret wineries in Mykonos!

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