Bauer Pöltl – Blaufränkisch


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Category: Red Wine

Manufacturer: Bauer Pöltl

Blaufränkisch – 2017

Bauer Pöltl are organic wine farmers from Horitschon in Austria. Their wines are made by hand, believing in the concept of terrior, where the wines are a true reflection of the soil, region and surrounding eco system. Daniel and Kathi work with nature and have seen the quality of their wines increase over time as they work with nature, as opposed to trying to control it with synthetic fertilizers and herbicides.

This wine is made from 100% Blaufränkisch, a native grape variety of Austria and their second most planted red grape behind Zweigelt. Expect a lovely nose full of fresh red currants and some plum and blackberry, with a slight hint of sweet spice from the oak. On the pallet its combined freshness of red fruits combined with a good body and great secondary aromas from the French oak.

Pair with: Lamb and sage sausages, sweet potato mash and a garden salad.


Wine grapes

100 % Blaufränkisch

Austria - Burgenland

Wine method

Biodynamic | Organic | Vegan

Wine smell

A beautiful combination raspberry, black cherry, plum and sweet spice.

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