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Manufacturer: Bauer Pöltl

Piri – 2018

Bauer Pöltl are organic wine farmers from Horitschon in Austria. Their wines are made by hand, believing in the concept of terrior, where the wines are a true reflection of the soil, region and surrounding eco system. Daniel and Kathi work with nature and have seen the quality of their wines increase over time as they work with nature, as opposed to trying to control it with synthetic fertilizers and herbicides.

Their Piri is a blend of primarily Chardonnay and Grüner Veltliner, two grape varieties which thrive in this region. Expect a lovely nose full of citrus and tropical fruits. On the pallet its shows great minerality, structural acidity and bold citron and tropical fruits.

Pair with: Grilled calamari or hard cheese and green olives.


Wine grapes

Chardonnay & Grüner Veltliner

Austria - Burgenland

Wine method

Organic / Vegan

Wine smell

A beautiful combination of citrus and tropical fruit, with a hint of elder flower.

Wine taste

Great structural acidity combine with elegant lemon, lime and some exotic fruit. A touch of minerality to the finish just to top it off.

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