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Product details
  • Method
    Fortified & Dessert Wine
  • Country
    Spain, Jerez
  • Grape
  • Strength
  • Smell
    Almond, Walnut, Tobacco
  • Taste
    Syrupy and rich nutty flavours, with aromatic herbal finish
  • Vintage

The Espinosa family established the ‘Bodegas y Vinedos Diez-Merito‘ in March 2016. However, the history of this Bodega dates back to 1760. Small vineyards and Bodegas are being added under a foundation heavily soaked in centuries of sherry-making.

A historic setting, in the heart of Jerez, is truly the place where Sherry should be made.

Diez-Merito Bertola Amontillado Sherry is a wonderful example of Amontillado Sherry. The Diez-Merito Bertola Amontillado fuses two classic Sherry ageing processes.

Diez-Merito Bertola Amontillado is a rich golden syrup like liquid. Diez-Merito Bertola Amontillado has a rich aromas of almonds, walnuts and tobacco, possessesing a rich finish with an aromatic herbal kick.

Pair with: Gouda Cheese and Chorizo

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This is a standard 75cl bottle of dry Sherry which contains alcohol. By purchasing this product you confirm you are over the age of 18 years old, will recycle the packaging and care about the environment.

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Espinosa Family
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  • Fortified & Dessert Wines
8 Questions
  • Think of Amontillado sherry as aged type of Fino. It has matured in oak for a longer period of time which results in more nutty aromas than compared to a Fino. In terms of pairing Amontillado with food, it will work well with rice dishes such as Paella or Risotto. Amontillado will also be a perfect match for ripe cheese such as pecorino and cheddar. The Hairy Bikers have a nice and easy Primavera Risotto for you to make if you click here.

  • Amontillado is a dry style sherry wine. Amontillado has a darker colour and richer flavour than Fino. While still having hints of flor, it will be less fresh and citrusy than a Fino Sherry but with more elegance and structure. Amontillado is characterised by nutty aromas with wafts of tobacco and aromatic herbs and finishes with polished notes of oak. The fusion of two different ageing processes makes Amontillado wines extraordinarily complex and intriguing. It is a wonderful wine to pair with food.

  • Savage Vines are proud to stock a number of great sherries from Diez-Merito. You can browse the full range here.

  • Diez-Merito make a number of styles of sherry, a type of fortified wine. This includes Fino, Pedro Ximenèz, Cream, Amontillado and Manzanilla.

  • The Bodegas y Vinedos Diez-Merito is located in Jerez. Jerez, in Andalusia, is in the southern portion of Spain, (near the city of Seville). Jerez is both the ancestral and modern day home of Sherry and should be well-known to anyone who enjoys fortified wine.

  • Fino or dry sherry wines are served chilled, between 6-9 degrees centigrade. Sweet Sherry wines like cream and Pedro Ximenez should be served at room temperature.

  • Sherry has a number of different styles from bone dry Fino to really sweet Pedro Ximenez. If you are serving Fino Sherry then this pairs well with green olives, hard cheese and cold Gazpacho soup. If you are serving sweet Cream or Pedro Ximenez Sherry then these will pair well with soft cheeses.

  • Yes. Select the bottle of wine you want to send as a gift and then on the checkout page mark the order as a gift. Once you do this a text box will appear where you can enter in your gift message. Note we do not include any pricing information with the delivery of the wine so the recipient will not know how much the bottle of wine gift cost.

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Diez-Merito Bertola Amontillado
Diez-Merito Bertola Amontillado
Fortified & Dessert Wines

Diez-Merito Bertola Amontillado Sherry | Jerez, Spain 75cl

Aromatic Sherry

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