Dr Wehrheim – Riesling 18′


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Category: White Wine

Manufacturer: Dr Wehrheim

Red Sandstone Riesling

A good introduction to the origin-influenced quality wines coming from Dr Wehrheim estate-owned locations which meet the strict VDP quality standards in Germany.

Dr. Wehrheim has been producing classically dry wines of the highest quality since 1920. In the fourth generation, traditional grape varieties are being developed in the cellar of the historic Art Nouveau courtyard, which thrive optimally on the vineyard’s special mineral rich soils.

Very crisp, dry and light in the mouth. This is a great summer wine and the perfect introduction to organic German Riesling’s.

Pair with: Fish (Baked Cod)


Wine grapes


Birkweiler - Germany

Wine method


Wine smell

Citrus fruit with a floral freshness.

Wine taste

Light lime and lemon with a subtle hint of wild pear and apple.

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