Johannes Trapl – Carnuntum


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Manufacturer: Johannes Trapl

Zweigelt – Blaufrankisch – St Laurent

The winery Johannes Trapl works biodynamic and is situated in the winegrowing area Carnuntum. The focus of the winery is on well-known Austrian grape varieties such as Grüner VeltlinerPinot BlancZweigeltBlaufränkisch and St. Laurent.

Zweigelt and Blaufrankisch are the two most commonly planted red grape varieties in Austria. Zweigelt brings fresh red fruits to the wine, whilst the Blaufrankisch adds depth and character. 10% of the wine is from a grape variety called St Laurent which is a grape from the Pinot Noir family. It adds subtle cherry notes and has good age-ability.


Wine grapes

Zweigelt, Blaufrankisch, St Laurent

Cartuntum - Austria

Wine method


Wine smell

Raspberry and black cherry with a slight hint of fresh herbs and sweet spice.

Wine taste

Raspberry, cherry, black plum and spice.

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