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Our monthly wine club membership plan is perfect for those want to drink high quality wines and support small, independent family run vineyards in the process. Just select how much you would like to pay into your wine club account each month and then use it towards your next purchase when you are ready.

Wine Club Members receive discounted prices 365 days’ a year on our website. They enjoy a 25% saving on all individual wines, 15% off mixed case products and 10% on all wine gift hampers and wine accessories.

Wine club memberships can be paused or cancelled when ever you like and it can be easily done from your account page on the website.

Each month you will be charged the amount you choose to pay into your wine club account. This amount will then be transferred into your wine club account balance for you to use towards your next purchase.

There is no time limit in which you will need to use the account balance by and every month your account balance will accumulate if you have not used it. As an example if you chose to pay in £50 a month today, in three months time you will have a wine club balance of £150 (after 3 x £50 payments) to use towards you next order.

Monthly Wine Club Members can use a combination of their wine club account balance and additional funds on their payment bank card if you don’t have enough in your wine club account. Whilst you have an active membership, all orders on our website will be at the discounted wine club member rates.

  • By making smaller monthly payments throughout the year it enables Wine Club Members to save their account balance up to buy some really nice wine and champagne during certain times of the year (e.g. Christmas and summer holidays)
  • Monthly Wine Club Members are able to purchase high quality wines at discounted prices 365 days a year as part of their membership discount entitlements
  • Savage Vines place a lot of focus on environmental sustainability and contribute a percentage of all sales towards revegetation projects, planting a tree for every order placed on their site.
  • Monthly Wine Club Members get early access to events and promotional products, well before non-members.
8 Questions
  • Yes, at the end of your subscription length, (1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months), the recurring payment will renew automatically.

    You’ll receive an email in advance of this though, giving you the chance the cancel the subscription if you wish.

  • Orders going to Isle of Wight, Northern Ireland, Channel Islands and the Scottish Highlands incur greater delivery charges. Due to the cost of this we don’t offer them as part of the subscription service.

    We recommend you use a local business in the area unless you plan on purchasing a lot of wine to make it viable. Alternatively, you can sign up to the Savage Vines wine club and use store credit to make larger purchases, (at the subscriber discount rate), in order to negate the high delivery costs.

    Full information on our delivery costs and policy is available here: https://savagevines.co.uk/delivery-and-returns/

  • Monthly wine subscriptions start at £32.95 a month for two bottles of wine which includes delivery. Along with the two bottles of wine you receive tasting notes, food pairing suggestions and recipes as part of our monthly 20 page magazine. There is also lots of interesting articles and offers included. There are also 3, 4, 6 and 12 bottle monthly subscription options if you want to discover more wines on a monthly basis.

  • The wines in the monthly subscription are curated by us, in line with your style preferences. The idea is we introduce you to new grape varieties, styles and regions to broaden your wine horizons!

  • Yes you can. If you have an active wine subscription and you login to the website, go to the product page of the item/s you want to add. There will be a checkbox which says ‘Add to subscription’ under the normal add to cart button. Select this and it will be added to your next subscription delivery. It is a good way to save on delivery as your monthly subscription includes delivery.

  • Of course! Simply go to savagevines.co.uk/my-account. Here you can pause or cancel your subscription. Note that if your subscription has been paused or cancelled, you wont have access to the discounted prices available to subscribers.

  • You can! If you’re purchasing for a friend or loved one, we’d recommend you use the gift wine subscription product. This is a one-off purchase for you which won’t renew.

  • A Savage Vines wine subscription starts at £32.95 for 2 bottles a month. This includes free delivery and a 20 page magazine with tasting notes, food pairings, recipes, producer profiles and other interesting articles to help you learn more about wine. You can also select from 2, 3, 4, 6 and 12 bottle a month options.

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