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12 Bottles Delivered Every 3 Months

Discover a selection of 12 different wines every change of season with our Season’s Quarterly Wine Plan. Get your first set of wines for £50 which is just £4.17 per bottle including free UK wide delivery.

Every three months we will send you a selection of 2 sparkling wines, 5 red and 5 white wines. The wines will be matched with the season of the year and we will send you recipes to pair with the wines via email. We buy our wines direct from the vineyard and focus on sourcing certified organic wines from around the world. The 12 wines we will deliver to you every 3 months are worth over £200 so it is great value.

We are always changing the wines in your quarterly selection so you can expect to discover 48 different wines during the year. It works out to be the equivalent of just under of a bottle of wine per week. Our Seasonal wine plan is a great way to spread your payments out over a number of months to get some nice wines delivered to your home every 3 months.

How The Quarterly Wine Plan Works

Your first case of 12 bottles is £50 including delivery which works out to be just £4.17 a bottle! We will deliver this within 3 working days of purchase. In subsequent months you will be charged £50 per month and we will deliver the next 12 bottles of wine in 3 months time.

An example of this is you join the Season’s quarterly wine plan today (as an example on the 20th of December) and are charged £50 and we deliver your 12 bottles in 3 working days. On the 20th of January, February and March you are charged £50 and we will send the second 12 bottles within 3 working days of the payment in March. This process will continue with you receiving another 12 bottles every 3 months. We have created a detailed FAQ page for this wine plan here.

You must be at least 18 years of age to purchase this product and commit to recycling the packaging and wine bottles. You can pause or cancel your wine plan at any point after your third box is delivered. For the full terms on this product and offer please read here.

Delivery is free for this product and we will deliver your first 12 bottle Seasonal case of wine within 3 workings days of purchase. We deliver to UK mainland, excluding Scottish Highlands. DPD are our courier and they will send you confirmation when the wine has been collected from our warehouse via email. On the morning of delivery you will receive another email and sms providing you with your timed 60 minute delivery window. If you want DPD to leave the wine in a safe place should you not be home please include this in the order notes section on the checkout page.

If you would like to send this 12 bottle quarterly wine plan to a friend, family member or colleague, you can leave a free gift message on the checkout page. Don’t worry, we will not include any pricing information with the delivery so they will no know how much it cost.

8 Questions
  • When you purchase a monthly wine subscription you select your preferred wine style being white wines, red wines or a combination of both. Every month we will send you a selection of different wines in line with what you selected. For instance, if you select to receive 4 wines a month and your wine preference to be white wine then we will send you 4 different white wines a month. If you selected 6 wines a month and opted for a mixed wine preference then we would send you 3 white and 3 red wines. You will never receive the same wine within a 12 month period as we are always bringing in new wines for you to discover.

  • Every month we send you the number of wines selected when you purchased the monthly Wine Subscription. Each wine subscription delivery includes a copy of our monthly magazine which has wine tasting notes, food pairing suggestions, food and cocktail recipes, a quiz and other interesting information about the winemakers and wine regions.

  • Yes, at the end of your subscription length, (1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months), the recurring payment will renew automatically.

    You’ll receive an email in advance of this though, giving you the chance the cancel the subscription if you wish.

  • Orders going to Isle of Wight, Northern Ireland, Channel Islands and the Scottish Highlands incur greater delivery charges. Due to the cost of this we don’t offer them as part of the subscription service.

    We recommend you use a local business in the area unless you plan on purchasing a lot of wine to make it viable. Alternatively, you can sign up to the Savage Vines wine club and use store credit to make larger purchases, (at the subscriber discount rate), in order to negate the high delivery costs.

    Full information on our delivery costs and policy is available here: https://savagevines.co.uk/delivery-and-returns/

  • Monthly wine subscriptions start at £32.95 a month for two bottles of wine which includes delivery. Along with the two bottles of wine you receive tasting notes, food pairing suggestions and recipes as part of our monthly 20 page magazine. There is also lots of interesting articles and offers included. There are also 3, 4, 6 and 12 bottle monthly subscription options if you want to discover more wines on a monthly basis.

  • The wines in the monthly subscription box are curated by us, in line with your style preferences. The idea is we introduce you to new grape varieties, styles and regions to broaden your wine horizons!

  • Yes you can. If you have an active wine subscription and you login to the website, go to the product page of the item/s you want to add. There will be a checkbox which says ‘Add to subscription’ under the normal add to cart button. Select this and it will be added to your next subscription delivery. It is a good way to save on delivery as your monthly subscription includes delivery.

  • Of course! Simply go to savagevines.co.uk/my-account. Here you can pause or cancel your subscription. Note that if your subscription has been paused or cancelled, you wont have access to the discounted prices available to subscribers.

Monthly Wine Club Membership

Season’s Quarterly Wine Plan – 12 Bottles

12 Bottles Of Wine Delivered Every 3 Months

£50.00 / month

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