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Savage Vines imports wine directly from the winemaker and sends them direct to your door. The wines from this case have been specially selected to offer a wide range of styles, from a refreshing English sparkling rose to a full-bodied Spanish red. In this 12 bottle mixed case you will receive 1 X 75cl bottles of each of the following wines:


Kuentz Bas Troix Chateau Cremant d’Alsace Brut, France (Biodynamic) Harrow & Hope Rose Brut from Buckinghamshire, England (Conventional)


Eudald Massaya Noya Avi Ton Xarel’lo from Penedes, Spain (Biodynamic) Oekonomierat Rebholz Sauvignon Blanc from Pfalz, Germany (Biodynamic) I Muretti Rebola Libera DOC from Emilia Romagna, Italy (Organic) – Chateau De La Roulerie Petit Chenin from Loire Valley, France (Organic)


Mas Gabriel Les Fleurs Sauvages from Languedoc, France (Organic)


Bauer Pöltl Blaufränkisch from Burgerland, Austria (Organic) Château Rioublanc Bordeaux Rouge, France (Organic) Galilea By Fiona Nautilea from Montsant, Spain (Conventional) Leone Conti Never Walk Alone from Emilia Romagna, Italy (Organic) Susana Balbo Anubis Malbec from Mendoza, Argentina (Conventional) Savage Vines purchases direct from the vineyard and supports independent winemakers from around the world. Get out of the supermarket and into organic and bio-dynamic wine today!

8 Questions
  • Yes you can. Once you place your mixed wine case order please email us at [email protected] and let us know you would like to collect your order. You can also put a note on the checkout page too.

  • Yes we do. You can view all our mixed case of wine offers and discount codes here.

  • It depends on what quality of wine you are looking for. The price of the case of wine is usually a good indicator of the quality of wine. If you pay anywhere between £150-£170 for a 12 bottle mixed case of wine you can expect the quality of wine to be good. Make sure it includes a couple of bottles of sparkling wine and a good mix of red and white wines.

  • You should buy at least 1 bottle of wine for every 2 people at a wedding. If you have invited 50 people to your wedding then you will need 25 bottles of wine or 2 cases of wine. This will be enough so that every guest has 2 glasses of wine. There may be some people who don’t drink wine and children within your guest list which means that those who are drinking the wine will end up being able to have more than the 2 glasses of wine.

  • You should buy 2 cases of wine for every 25 people attending the party. For a case of wine which contains 12 x 75cl bottles of wine there will be enough for 4 glasses of wine for every person. You are likely to have a few left over bottles of wine but it is better to have too much than not enough.

  • A standard case of wine contains 12 bottles. Traditionally wine was packaged in 12 bottle cases however you find more companies are selling wine in cases of 6 bottles. They do this because people are living in smaller houses or apartments and often don’t have the room for space for 12 bottles of wine. Additionally, 12 bottle cases of wine are heavy and with a shift towards online ordering it is not recommended to send a 12 bottle case of wine through a delivery network as there is a higher likely hood of them being damaged or smashed. Savage Vines will always deliver your wine in multiple 6 bottle wine cases.

  • Yes you can. If you want to send a case of wine as a gift to someone then follow these steps. i) Select the case of wine you would like to gift and put it in your basket and go to the checkout page. ii) Once on the checkout page there is a section where you can select that the order is a gift. iii) Once you select this a text box will appear where you can enter a customised gift message for the recipient. Note we don’t include any pricing information with the case of wine so the recipient will not know how much it cost. Please call us on 0204 501 8436 if you need any assistance buying a mixed case of wine.

  • We deliver our mixed cases of wine all over mainland UK. For customers in the Scottish Highlands their is a delivery premium added which is calculated once you enter the delivery address on the checkout page. Standard delivery across England, Scotland and Wales is £4.95 and your mixed case of wine will be delivered within 3 working days from the point of order. Premium delivery (next working day) is £7.95. You can read more on our delivery pricing here.

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