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Ullo Gift Set

A great gift set for wine lovers which includes a hand blown lead free crystal wine decanter and Ullo’s patented wine purifier which fits perfectly on the rim of the decanter. Ullo have come up with an environmentally friendly way to remove sulphites and sediment from your wine. The Ullo Decanter and Wine Purifier set allows you to easily and quickly filter and decant your wine before drinking it. Sulphites are added to all conventional and organic wines as a preservative.

Üllo works with any still wine (White or Red Wine) to filter sulphites before consumption. By filtering and decanting your wine at the same time you will maximise the aromas and flavours at the same time removing any sulphites and sediment from the wine. Ullo Wine Decanter and Purifier Set comes with 6 x wine filters made from super porous polymer designed to remove sulphites in your wine without compromising its integrity. Watch a video on how the Ullo Wine Purifier works here.


  • Üllo Wine Purifier
  • Hand blown lead-free crystal Üllo Decanter
  • Purifier travel bag
  • Soft-touch display base
  • 6 Selective Sulphite Capture full bottle filters

Note can purchase additional filters separately once you have used the 6 filters which come with in this set.  You can buy a 10 pack of additional wine purifier filters here.

We deliver to UK mainland (excluding Scottish Highlands) using DPD Local from £4.95. Your Ullo Wine Decanter order will be delivered within 3 working days of purchase. DPD will email you a tracking reference once they have picked up your order from us and provide you with a delivery slot for the following working day. If you have any questions please call us on 0204 501 8436 or use the contact us from here.

Note no pricing is included with the delivery so the recipient will not know how much your Ullo Wine Decanter cost. On the checkout page you can mark your order as a gift and leave a free personalised gift message.

3 Questions
  • Riedel wine glasses are so expensive because they are made from lead free crystal glass. Riedel wine glasses and decanters are made in Austria and are used around the world in 5 star hotels, restaurants and bars due to their quality and hand made craftmanship. Riedel wine glasses make the perfect gift for wine lovers.

  • It is recommended that you hand wash Riedel wine glasses and decanters with warm, soapy water. Once you have rinsed them in water we recommend you dry them with a cotton polishing cloth so they don’t dry with water marks. Riedel wine glassware can be washed in a dishwasher however this is not recommended as they can easily crack or smash.

  • You can purchase Riedel wine glasses from the Savage Vines online store. We stock a large range of Riedel wine glasses, decanters and gift sets. We deliver Riedel glassware products UK wide.

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