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Wine E-Gift Card Voucher

Buy a Savage Vines wine gift card voucher – the perfect gift for your wine drinking family and friends.

  • Flexible gifting amounts
  • Choose from multiple design themes
  • Write a personalised gift message
  • Choose the specific day you want the wine e-gift card to be sent

Sending a wine gift card voucher with Savage Vines is a really easy way to show your appreciation and support independent wine makers in the process! Purchase an wine gift card voucher for the Savage Vines online wine store today! Note this wine e-gift card voucher can be emailed directly to the recipient on the date you select or sent to yourself to print and put in a card.

If you have any questions or would like to send wine gift cards in bulk to work colleagues or clients please get in touch as we can do this quickly and easily for you. Please call on 0204 501 8436 or email [email protected].

You can view our entire selection of themed wine gift card vouchers here.

Select the value of store credit you want to assign to your Wine Gift Card Voucher when placing your order. You can either print off wine gift card vouchers yourself or email them directly to the recipient. Each wine gift card voucher contains a unique code. The recipient can use the wine gift card voucher towards purchasing anything on our website. When the recipient has decided on what they want to purchase they enter the unique code into the basket page and it will deduct the value of the wine gift card voucher off the order.

If the wine gift card value is more than the order amount then there will still be the residual amount left to use on their next order. If the order amount is more than the gift card value then they can use a combination of the voucher credit and then pay the difference using their own bank card.

8 Questions
  • Wine voucher gift cards can be purchased online from a number of different wine retailers in the UK. Things you need to be mindful of are: i) How long the gift card vouchers are valid for;  ii) Where the retailers delivery wine to and iii) How much they charge for delivery. We recommend the following retailers: Savage Vines, Laithwaites, The Wine Society and Naked Wines.

  • The most popular wine to send as a thank you gift is a bottle of Champagne or red wine from Bordeaux. If you are unsure what type of wine the recipient likes to drink then the best option is to send them a wine gift card. This way they can choose the type of wine they prefer and get it delivered at a time that suits them.

  • There’s no expiry date on our Wine Gift Card Vouchers. Recipients are free to use them when they are ready.

  • On the checkout page you can either select for the wine e-gift card to be emailed to yourself (to print off and put in a card) or have it emailed to the recipient directly.

  • Unfortunately this functionality is currently not built into the website. However we can process Wine Gift Cards for you in bulk saving you the hassle. Please email [email protected] and ask us to send you the bulk wine gift card template. We will email you a spreadsheet template to populate and once you send it back we can create the Wine Gift Cards for you and then just send you a link to pay once. 

  • You certainly can – there is an option to add a personalised gift message on your wine gift card at the bottom of the checkout page.

  • Savage Vines wine gift card vouchers start at £10 and go up to £500. Recipients can use a combination of wine gift card voucher credit and additional card payment if they want to purchase something which costs more than the wine gift card value.

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Savage Vines Wine Gift Card
Savage Vines Wine Gift Card
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Wine Gift Card Voucher


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