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biodynamic wine
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Choose between 2, 3, 6 or 12 bottles a month. Red wines, white wines or both!

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Wines from Independent winemakers each month.

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Wines delivered direct to your door & 25% off wine repurchases.

Wine Subscription UK - Independent Home Wine Delivery

Order Wine Direct From The Vineyard!

We import direct from the vineyard in a grape to glass sourcing model.   Start a world wine journey today and get independent wines delivered to your door.   Monthly Wine Subscription Members get 25% off all wine repurchases.

Product Categories


Gifted Wine Subscriptions starting at £29.95 a month including free UK wide delivery. Select between one, three, six or twelve month options.


Mixed cases of wine. Choose between six and twelve bottle cases of wine. Starting supporting independent winemakers today!


Customisable wine e-gift cards from as little as £10. Send it electronically or print if off. Let the recipient choose their wine.


The wines that we source for our wine subscription service are unique to the region where they are from and are made in small volumes due to their exceptional quality. We look to buy direct from the winemaker to ensure they receive a very fair price. When you buy wines from a supermarket or high street chain, the profits end up in the hands of those who sell it, and you end up with wine that has been mass produced by machines that will taste generic with little quality or personality.
Our wines are different – they are epic.

We meet with small, independent wine makers and see the process from start to finish, from the vine to the glass. All of our subscription wines are handmade and we look for bio-dynamic and organic wines that we are proud to include in our monthly wine subscription and to stock in our shop. We are on a mission to change the way people buy wine, one bottle at a time.
As an added benefit, our monthly wine subscription members, we offer a 25% discount on all wines in our online store, we want to reward you ongoing loyalty and support of our winemakers with great wine at affordable prices.

Subscriptions purchased after the 19th of the month will not start until the subsequent month


Have you walked in to a supermarket or high street wine retailer, taken one look and thought “I only came in for a bottle of red’ and just picked one at random because the packaging is nice?

This is why a Savage Vines wine subscription will change the way you look at wine. We guarantee outstanding bio-dynamic and organic wines of exceptional quality to your door every month. You can trust us to ensure that your taste buds go on a journey and you know everything about the wine. We include a map of where the wine has been sourced from, a guide to the tasting notes and we release a wine podcast on the day of delivery to ensure that your wine tasting experience is wholesome. No more generic supermarket or high street retailer wine please.
With our wine subscription, we do all the work to source these awesome wines so your wine collection can stay in tip top condition. Whats even better is that there is no contract, just amazing wine, delivered to your door monthly.

Frequently asked questions

How much is a wine subscription and what do I get?
Wine subscriptions are £29.95 a month for two bottles or £42 for three. Along with the wines, we send out a map showing you where we have sourced the wines from, tasting notes and a wine podcast on the day of delivery. The podcast provides you with a full overview on all your wines. From who has made them to food pairing suggestions and lots of other interesting wine chat.
When are your wine subscription boxes delivered each month?
Wines are delivered in the last week of the month based on your chosen delivery day. If you are not home don't stress, the courier can leave them in a safe place or with a neighbour.
Can I buy a wine subscription as a gift for someone?
You sure can. Just go to our store from the menu options and select Gift Subscriptions. You can choose how many wines you want to gift, the type of wine (red, white or combined) and length of the subscription.
Are all your wines biodynamic or organic?
The majority of our wines are although not all. If they are not certified they will still be practicing methods which are considered biodynamic or organic.
How much is delivery for wine subscriptions
Nothing. The price for subscriptions is £29.95 a month for two wines or £42 for three. This includes delivery.
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