How To Make An Autumn Fizz

How To Make An Autumn Fizz This drink is a wonderful way to kickstart Autumn. It has those seasonal flourishes to get you feeling the season, but most importantly it is absolutely delicious and a great way to incorporate a splash of fizz! The traditional recipe calls for sparkling apple cider, but we think any sparkling wine with strong notes of green fruits, (such as apple and pear), works a treat here as well. We’ve left a recommendation below, but many cheaper Prosecco wines will do the job!
  • Prep & Cooking Time – 5mins
  • Serves – 2 People
  • Level – Easy
  • 100ml Gin
  • 25ml Lemon Juice
  • 2tsp Agave or Runny Honey
  • Top with Sparkling Wine
  • Garnish: Apple Slice & Thyme Sprigs
  • Step 1

    Let’s learn how to make an Autumn Fizz. First, add the gin, lemon juice and the agave or honey to a shaker and dry shake.

  • Step 2

    Then, pour into a highball glass over ice and top with sparkling wine.

  • Step 3

    Garnish with thyme and apple.

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