How To Make Spaghetti Carbonara | 30 Minutes

How To Make Spaghetti Carbonara | 30 Minutes Traditionalists will have their idea of carbonara nailed in their head. We’ve picked our go to recipe which helps keep it traditional, while making sure all the ingredients are readily accessible without a trip to a specialist butcher. With that in mind, we’ve opted for pancetta. The authentic way is with guanciale. This is an incredibly fatty cut which comes from the cheek of a pig. If you want to go all out, get some guanciale. However, pancetta can work wonders as well. The other point of contention is the cheese. We’re recommending 50g of parmesan. However, if you want it authentic, go for 25g parmesan and 25g pecorino romano. This can be a little harder to track down but a number delis and cheesemongers will be able to supply it. There we go, you’ve got the authentic route if you want it, but read below for our perfect weeknight carbonara. What Pairs with Carbonara: It’s Italian all the way. Barbera will cut right through the rich and creamy pasta and pancetta. Yet, it is light enough to now completely drown out the more delicate tastes. Then, the subtle spices will work perfectly alongside the cracked black pepper.
  • Prep & Cooking Time – 30mins
  • Serves – 2 People
  • Level – Easy
  • 50g Pancetta
  • 150g Spaghetti
  • 50g Parmesan
  • 2 Large Egg Yolks (Save the egg whites for some cocktails)
  • Salt & Pepper
  • Step 1

    Carbonara is as Italian as it gets. This pasta dish has its roots in Rome and like so many Italian classics, it keeps the ingredients simple and uncluttered. Then, when executed properly it’s decadent, delicious and damn good with a glass of wine. Without further ado, let’s learn how to make spaghetti carbonara.

    First, Add the pancetta to a cold pan and on a low-medium heat slowly render the pancetta down. You want to extract as much of the fat as possible and get the bacon nice and crispy.

  • Step 2

    As you’re rendering the pancetta, bring the pasta water to a boil, then add the pasta with a generous pinch of salt.

  • Step 3

    Now, you’ll want to finely grate the cheese and combine it with the egg yolks and a good helping of black pepper and some of the fat from the pancetta.

  • Step 4

    Here’s our tip, from Chef Luciano Monosillo. The man was dubbed the ‘King of Carbonara’. So, if anyone knows how to make spaghetti carbonara, it’s definitely him. Most people chuck the eggs in with the pasta and bacon at the end, but this can cause a risk of scrambling the eggs. Instead, hold the egg and cheese mixture above the boiling pasta water. Much like a bain-marie, the steam from the water will help the egg and cheese mixture reach the necessary temperature, without scrambling them.

  • Step 5

    When the pasta is just under al dente, add it to the pan with the pancetta and the egg mixture. Make sure the pan is off the heat.

  • Step 6

    Here, you stir and stir until it combines into a gloriously, silky consistency. Finish with some more cheese and black pepper and you’re good to go. That’s how to make spaghetti carbonara.

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