Mimosa Margaritas

Mimosas are staples of any brunch. But, add a touch of tequila and it takes this drink to a whole new boozy level. ENJOY WITH CAUTION! We really like the way tequila adds specifically to the wine in this cocktail. Obviously, fruity flavours of lime and orange will often work well with sparkling wine. However, tequila provides really crisp floral notes. This is why we'd recommend Prosecco in particular. You'll get a complimentary set of floral notes that come from a completely different place to the sparkling wine. It makes for a really interesting flavour profile.
  • Prep & Cooking Time – 10mins
  • Serves – 1 Person
  • Level – Easy
  • 30 ml Orange Juice
  • 30 ml Lime Juice
  • 40 ml Silver Tequilla
  • 12.5 ml Simple Syrup
  • Prosecco/Sparkling Wine to Top
  • Step 1

    Mimosa Margaritas are a great way to kickstart a weekend. Let’s look at how to make it here.

    First, combine all the fruit juice, tequila and simple syrup into a cocktail shaker with ice.

  • Step 2

    Then, shake vigorously until the cocktail shaker is cold to the touch.

  • Step 3

    Finally, pour the mixture into a chilled glass and top with sparkling wine of your choice.

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