Riedel Decanter – The Best Wine Decanter Around

Harry Lambourne
30th July 2021

All glassware is not created equally. That is a fact. Some glassware has a rich history behind. This rich history translates into quality crystal glass of the highest order. The Riedel Wine Glass Company is a prime example of that. Among their top selling products around the world is a Riedel Decanter. This is a centrepiece that is sure to be a great addition to any oenophile’s collection.

A Decanter is used to Decant and the act of decanting is essentially pouring a wine from the bottle it was purchased in, into a different container. In short, this benefits aroma and taste of the wine. Decanting may seem like something saved for only the reddest, oldest and most special wines. However, this is not true. Young wines can benefit from decanting. As can white wine wines. Generally any wine which benefits from ageing, will benefit from decanting.

Riedel Decanters Amongst Riedel Glassware
Riedel Decanters Amongst Riedel Glassware

If you want to up your wine-appreciation game, then a decanter is a great way to do so. And, if you want to up your decanting game then, the only way to go is a Riedel decanter. Not only are they made from the highest quality crystal glass, they are master pieces of design which will impress any discerning dinner guest.

We will look further into the benefits of a decanter in this article. As well as a deep diver into a wide array of shapes and sizes of decanter which the Riedel Wine Glass Company produce. Hopefully, this all means that by the end of this article you will know exactly what the right Riedel decanter for you is.

Benefits of a Riedel Decanter

There are two broad benefits to buying a Riedel decanter. The first is that it is from Riedel. As a brand, Riedel were the first company to design glassware specifically for wine. Therefore, they are a great place to start when looking for a decanter. Riedel decanters, (and Riedel products generally), are a perfect blend of form and function. Award-winning designed products, which are of the highest quality. If you want to know more about the history of the Riedel Wine Glass Company, then read here.

Riedel Wine Glass Company 'Glass Tank'
Riedel Wine Glass Company ‘Glass Tank’

There are also general benefits to owning a decanter. A few of these benefits are particularly applicable to older wines. These relate to broken corks and sediment. The experience of getting a mouth full of sediment, or an old cork snapping in the bottle, are the bane of any wine lover’s existence. Luckily, decanting avoids both of these issues. As you decant bits of a broken cork and sediment gather towards the top of your bottle, not the decanter. This means they stay out of your wine.

A Cork in a wine bottle won't be an issue again with a decanter
Broken cork in a wine bottle won’t be an issue again with a decanter

A decanter also benefits taste of an aged wine. You’ll have heard of letting wine ‘breathe’. This anthropomorphic term refers to the aeration of wine. Oxygen is introduced to the wine. This softens tannins and enhances flavour. When you decant a wine, it releases gases previously trapped in the bottle. This allows aromas and flavours which were trapped in the wine have room to ‘grow’. To put it simply, if you drink a wine via a decanter there will be more aroma and flavour to it, then if you simply pour from the bottle directly into your glass and start sipping away.

Wine in a decanter taking its first 'breathes'
Wine being poured into a decanter where it takes its first ‘breathes’

Different Types of Riedel Decanter

Riedel decanters come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Before we take a deep dive into a few specific examples – let’s take a look at some of the different types of decanter you can look to buy.

Decanter Size

A good place to start is size. Most Riedel decanters are made to store a single standard bottle of 75cl wine. However, there are options both on the smaller and larger end of the scale. It could be that you don’t want to go through a whole bottle at once, or perhaps you have treated yourself to an extra-special half-bottle. If that’s the case then the ‘Mini Decanter’ range is for you. Half-size Riedel decanters, with the exact same amount of quality. Equally, maybe you couldn’t help but buy two bottles of your favourite wine for an upcoming soirée. Again, Riedel decanters have you covered, magnum Riedel Decanters are perfect for any party.

Old Versus Young

A further dichotomy of Riedel decanter to be aware of is for young wine versus old wine. The Riedel decanters which are geared towards younger wines have a number of ornate air pockets and distinct curves and loops. What these do is allow the wine to be double or triple decanted. The younger wines will generally require greater aeration to garner the same benefits. This is due to them having less time to mature in the bottle, when compared to older wines.

On the other side, there are Riedel decanters for older wines. The form here is far simpler, they sit back and let the wine do their thing. Facilitating the aeration whilst still making sure no sediment or cork makes its way into your glass.

Form Versus Function

A final point to consider when picking up a Riedel decanter is form versus function. Some of the offerings from Riedel are simply stunning. Twisted and looped crystal in any number of shapes and designs. The ‘Riedel Decanter Escargot’ being a prime example of this. A fine French wine in a decanter shaped like a snail. What could be better?

Three Ostentatious Riedel Decanters - (left to right) The Boa, The Mamba & The Escargot
Three Ostentatious Riedel Decanters – (left to right) The Boa, The Mamba & The Escargot

If the ornateness of these Riedel decanters is somewhat intimidating, then the ‘M-Series’ may be the place to start. This is a back to basics collection from Riedel. They are still elegant and beautiful, but with a more traditional and functional design to them. Inspired by traditional cognac and whisky decanters, these are a great introduction to the world of Riedel decanters.

Riedel Decanters – Our Favourites

Riedel Performance Decanter

First things first the Riedel Performance Red Wine Decanter. This Riedel decanter is aptly named performance. It is light-weight, durable and expertly designed. The machine made optic blown glass allows for a greater inner surface area. This allows the wine with more room to breathe, which can only mean good things for taste and aroma. It is also well priced at £39.95 which is the cheaper end of Riedel’s Decanter range.

Riedel Ultra Decanter

Next is the Decanter Ultra. This is as classic as classic gets. Elegant curves and a large wide basin allow a large amount of room for this wine to breathe. This makes it great for younger wines, which require that extra bit of space. As well as this, Riedel offers the Decanter Ultra in a range of sizes. Both half-size and magnum options are available. This means that whatever the occasion there is a Decanter Ultra for it.

Riedel Syrah Decanter

The Riedel Wine Glass Company is famous for making wine glasses for different grape varieties. Therefore, it’s no surprise that a Riedel decanter is no different. So, without further ado, it’s the ‘Syrah Wine Decanter’. This is a fantastic piece to start with. Simple in design and an everyday piece that will showcase all the benefits to decanting without any frills.

Riedel Curly Fatto A Mano Decanter

Moving on from the practical to the ostentatious, we have the Curly Fatto A Mano. The Fatto a Mano range reinvented four classic designs, (the Curly of which is one). The black and white ornamental lines enhance the stunning design. While this may look show-stopping it is designed to be easier to pour. This is a real way to show off, with a minimal amount of effort.

Riedel Cabernet Decanter

It’s back to a classic with the ‘Cabernet Riedel Decanter’. This is the ideal starter Riedel Decanter. It is as close to a one size fits all decanter as you can get. It is a sleek and functional design that will be sure to fit into any kitchen, or on any dinner-table, seamlessly. Not only is the design perfect for all occasions, the decanter is also a perfect vessel for all wines. It is suitable for young, old, white and red. 

Tips for Cleaning Your Riedel Decanter

So, let’s imagine – you’ve opened your wine and poured it into your new Riedel decanter a few hours before serving. A little later the wine was delicious and the Riedel decanter is now empty. Sadly, all that’s left to do is clean. When buying top quality kitchen and glassware the caring and maintaining of it is essential. It means the quality persists and will last you a life time of good wine. 

If you’re washing soon after use, then you should only require water to clean it. Avoid soap as it can be hard to completely remove the residue and this can have an impact on taste in the future. Also, take care to rinse it thoroughly and carefully. Try to avoid knocking the spout as this can cause nasty chips. If the Riedel decanter doesn’t fit in the kitchen sink, Riedel recommends the bath!

A Riedel Decanter being carefully cleaned
A Riedel Decanter being carefully cleaned

Finally, if possible, rest the Riedel decanter upside down on a dry tea towel to dry. It can be stored in a dry cupboard the same way. This may cause some condensation to form. However, this can all be rinsed off before the next use.

A decanter is a great way to improve your appreciation of wine. At its heart it’s going to make things tastier and who wouldn’t want that?! Alongside this, the Riedel Wine Glass Company is the gold standard in glassware for wine. When these two things are paired together, the best thing to do to be drinking tastier wine today is to treat yourself to a Riedel decanter.

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