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Harry Lambourne
8th November 2023

It’s the most wine-derful time of the year. So, to take some of the stress out of your present shopping, we’ve got a Savage Vines Christmas Gift Guide. This can be your one stop shop to treat the wine lover in your life right!

Obviously, wine is an obvious gift to give and this will have a place in our Christmas Gift Guide. We’ve got plenty to offer after all! However, that’s not all we’ll be taking you through today in our Christmas Gift Guide

Our Christmas Gift Guide is going to cover a lot of bases, so that we can to make sure that whoever you’re buying for, we’ve got you covered. Our Christmas Gift Guide will also include some top-tier mixed cases of wine, gorgeously presented luxury wine hampers, wonderful decorative tins of sherry miniatures, fun and family-friendly wine region puzzles and of course, a wine subscription.

Read this article and by the end, you could have your Christmas shopping sorted! Let’s dive into the Savage Vines Christmas Gift Guide.

Christmas Gift Guide – Mixed Cases

Organic Wine Mixed Case | Savage Vines

Let’s start this Christmas Gift Guide with something simple. We have a heap of pre-made mixed cases of wines. Does Dad only drink French reds? Does your partner love Italian whites? Maybe, you’ve got a friend whose adventurous and simply wants to discover as many new wines as possible. Or, there could be someone who has a New Year’s resolution to go vegan.

Whatever someones particular preference or persuasion, there’s a mixed case for them. They might even share a bottle or two with you if you’re lucky…

That’s the beauty of buying a mixed case, it’s quick and easy but can be cultivated to fit the person’s needs. Quick and easy doesn’t mean that the recipient won’t be on the receiving end of a heartfelt gift that’s sure to leave them grinning from ear to ear.

Our top pick for a mixed case, in this Christmas Gift Guide, is our 12 bottle organic mixed case of wine. We, at Savage Vines, love organic wine. We have a firm belief that consuming organic wine is better for the winemaker, the consumer and most importantly the environment. Many also argue that organic wine is a truer reflection of the terroir in which it is grown.

So, with that in mind, we’ve got an excellent deal on organic wine. This mixed case promises to deliver a host of different wine regions, grape varieties and flavours. This 12 bottle mixed case include one bottle of organic Crémant, one bottle of organic rosé wine, five bottles of organic white wine and five bottles of organic red wine.

Even better than that, this mixed case is available for just £120! Usually, this mixed case would retail for £164.95, so that’s a saving of £45 and works out at just £10 a bottle. Don’t worry, we won’t tell the recipient that you bought it as a special offer! Click on the product image below to learn more about this mixed case offer. Alternatively, click the button below that to browse our full range of mixed cases.

Christmas Gift Guide – Wine Hampers

Next up is something really special. Nothing screams luxury and a special occasion like a beautifully packaged hamper filled with a glorious collection of goodies, (especially if it contains a great bottle of wine as well)!

So, the Savage Vines Wine Hampers are the next stop on our Christmas Gift Guide. As with the mixed cases, we’ve got a brilliant selection of wine hampers. If you want to really celebrate then there’s plenty with Champagne. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, then there’s dessert wines galore.

We partner with small, artisanal producers to put together a thoughtful selection of high quality hamper products which make the perfect gift. Matched up with some wonderful wines are artisan chocolates, salty snacks and hand-made crystal glassware. Expect to get wonderful pieces from people such as Rococo and Riedel.

We have tons to choose from but we think the one recommended below is a great gift to give to almost anyone. I mean, who doesn’t like Champagne and Champagne truffles with a pair of high-quality stemless flutes! We’d like to introduce you to our Veuve Clicquot Champagne & Glassware Hamper. Read more here.

Veuve Clicquot Champagne Hamper

This hamper includes:

You can also browse our full range of wine hampers by clicking the button below!

Christmas Gift Guide – Sherry Miniatures Decorative Tin

To be frank, sherry isn’t as popular as it should be in the UK. It is sometimes associated with our grandmother’s but in fact, it is a deeply diverse style of fortified wine that people should try! So, if you already know a sherry lover, or simply want to get something different for the wine lover in your life, then we’d highly recommend this Decorative Tin of Sherry Miniatures from the masters of this beverage at Gonzalez Byass. We couldn’t create a Christmas Gift Guide and leave this out!

Sherry Miniature Gift Set Out of Tin

Gonzalez Byass is a name synonymous with sherry and this tin gives you the chance to sample six different styles of the good stuff. Each will present a unique and intoxication flavour and even the most staunch objector is sure to be a sherry convert once you’ve reached the end of this tin.

The following six 5cl Sherry bottles are included in this gift set:

  • Tio Pepe Fino Muy Seco, 50ml, 15%
  • Cristina Medium Sherry, 50ml, 17.5%
  • Viña AB 12 Year Old Amontillado Seco Sherry, 50ml, 16.5%
  • Alfonso Oloroso Seco Sherry, 50ml, 18%
  • Nectar Pedro Ximénez Dulce Sherry, 50ml, 15%
  • Solera 1847 Cream Sherry, 50ml, 18%

Christmas Gift Guide – Wine Region Puzzles

Next up on our Christmas Gift Guide are the wonderful wine region puzzles from the people at Water & Wines. These have a tendency to fly off the shelves so don’t delay if you want to avoid disappointment.

Puzzle Gifts For Wine Lovers

The Sommeliers at Water & Wines have designed the perfect gift for any wine, (or whiskey), lover without having to give them an actual bottle of wine, (or whiskey). Water & Wines have produced 1000 piece puzzles with super colourful illustrations of the key wine-producing regions, main grape varieties and star appellations of some of the world’s most famous wine-producing nations and regions. If you know someone who loves French wine, but doesn’t know much about it. Then, these puzzles are a great way to learn more in a fun and relaxing way!

Each of the beautiful hand-drawn map has been carefully curated by professional sommeliers and includes grape profiles describing aromas, key characteristics and food pairing tips! It even comes with a box stand and A3 poster of the puzzle design which would look great framed on a wall to brighten the room.

If you want to browse the full range of puzzles which we stock, then click the button below!

Christmas Gift Guide – Gift Wine Subscription

Last, but by absolutely no means least, on our Christmas Gift Guide is the Gift Wine Subscription. This is a means of giving the gift of wine that will last long after the Christmas celebrations have ended. Over the course of a Savage Vines Gift Wine Subscription, we will send the lucky recipient a selection of wines sourced from small, independent family run vineyards from around the world.

Wine Magazine Subscription

If you order now, you can sort your gift out in under 5 minutes. You can get the Gift Card sent directly to the recipient, or to yourself to print at home. This handy PDF will have all the information you need to activate your subscription and start the recipient’s journey of wine discovery.

Along with some delicious wines, the recipient will receive tasting notes for each wine in a copy of our monthly magazine which is pack full of special offers, wine pairing ideas, recipe cards, cocktail cards and exciting content on the world of wine. Even better, use code GS10 to save 10% on Gift Wine Subscriptions! Give the gift of wine, in the best way possible this Christmas.

These are our top picks for Christmas Gifts that go beyond just a bottle of wine! However, if they aren’t what you’re looking for then be sure to keep browsing our site. We’ve left a button for some of these products and more below. All these can be bought for under £50!

Beyond this, we’re always happy to lending a helping hand. If you want any suggestions on what to pick for the wine lover if your life then get in touch! You can email us at [email protected], or call us at 0204 501 8436.

Happy hunting and a Merry Christmas from Savage Vines!

Christmas Gift Guide
Get Christmas Sorted With Savage Vines

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