Seasons Quarterly Wine Plan FAQ’s

29th December 2022

Here is a comprehensive list of questions to help you understand our Seasons Wine Plan in detail. Before we get started, we are not here to rip you off, our sole purpose is to support small independent vineyards from around the world and focus on introducing you to high quality wines at a fair price. If you want to speak to one of our friendly customer service team please call us on 0204 501 8436. You can also send any questions you have to us via the contact us form here.

Introductory Offer Terms: Your first 12 bottles will be delivered for £50. You can only pause or cancel after your 3rd payment has been taken. If you pause or cancel within this timeframe we will charge you £100 which is the discount you received on your first box. By purchasing our Seasonal Wine Plan product you confirm you accept these terms. This offer is not valid with any other offer or coupon code and is only valid whilst available stocks last.

Question: When will you deliver my 12 bottle case of wine? We will deliver your first case of wine within three working days of purchase. Note we don’t deliver on bank holidays so don’t take them into account. On your order confirmation there will be a delivery date stated on there.

Question: Can I select the wines which go into my Seasons wine delivery? Unfortunately not at this point. The idea is we send you wines which work well with the time of year and the types of food we typically eat then too. During 2024 we will be introducing more seasons wine plans where you can opt for only red wines, only white wines and a few other variations on that too. Join our mailing list to be kept in the loop.

Question: If I don’t like a wine you send can I send it back and ask for a replacement? Yes you can. Just log into your account and raise a support ticket and one of the team will call you and arrange for it to be collected and a replacement sent. Note that the wine needs to be unopened.

Question: Can I cancel or pause my Seasons Wine Plan? Yes you can. If you log into your account there will be a section called Subscriptions. In here you will find your active subscriptions and this is where you can pause or cancel your Seasons Wine Plan. Please note that if you cancel the seasons wine plan before your 3rd payment then we will back charge you the full price for the first delivery which is +£100 (the amount you saved on your first box)

Question: If I pause or cancel my Seasons Wine Plan mid cycle can I get a refund for the payments I have made towards my next box. Unfortunately we won’t refund you but will send you store credit for the same value you have paid. For example, you receive a box in March and then made two more payments in April and May but decide to cancel your Seasons wine plan before your June payment and next delivery. In this instance we would issue you with a £100 pound store credit which is equal to the amounts you paid in April and May. You can use that store credit on anything on the site within 12 months before it will expire.

Question: Do I get any discounts if I want to buy additional wine as a wine club member? You sure do. You get 25% off all individual wines 365 days a year plus 15% off any mixed cases of wine we have on the site. To access these prices just login to the website using your email address you used when creating the plan and the discounted prices will show.

Question: What type of wines will you send me in my Seasons Wine Plan? We will send you 2 sparkling wines, 5 red and 5 white wines. They will be a selection of wines from different countries, grape varieties and styles. Have you ever tried a Nero d’Avola from Sicily in Italy? Or Riesling from the Mosel wine region in Germany? Or a Crémant from Alsace in France? Well you soon will. We aim to introduce you to high quality organic wines from small producers from around the world. Get out of the supermarket and start supporting small business today.

Question: What types of wines will you send in each of the different seasons throughout the year? In winter you can expect heavier red wines, crisp and acidic white wines and sparkling wines to get a party started. In summer we will be sending out a good selection of fruity reds and white wines along with fizz which will work its way through a bbq with ease. We are always selecting our wines for each seasonal selection based on the time of year (temperature) and what types of food you are going to be eating.

Question: Do you remind us when we have an upcoming delivery scheduled? We will send you a reminder 4 days before your Season’s Wine Plan case is due for delivery. DPD will also send you an email once they have collected the 12 bottle case of wine from our warehouse. From there you can manage your delivery. You can change the scheduled delivery day to suit you via the link DPD send you on the email.

Question: What happens if my wine is damaged when it is being delivered? All our Season’s Wine Plan deliveries are insured by DPD so if the wine is damaged please take a picture the wine and label on the outer box before you dispose of it and send it to our customer care team at [email protected]. We will replace the wine for you straight away. Note we need a picture to prove the damage to DPD so please make sure you remember to take one.

Question: Will all the wines in my Season Wine Plan case be certified organic? 80% of the wines we sell are certified organic however the certification process is too costly for some winemakers. As a result they are not allowed to put the organic logo on their wines but they will still be practicing organic winemaking methods. Where possible the wines we include will have a certification label from one of the recognised governing bodies.

Question: How much is delivery and where do you deliver to? We deliver to UK mainland excluding Scottish Highlands. Delivery is included in the monthly charge of £50 so there is nothing more to pay.

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