Spritz Veneziano – The Perfect Summer Drink!

Harry Lambourne
9th June 2022

The Spritz Veneziano is the classic spritz. Prosecco, Select, Soda and an olive. In the UK we are likely far more familiar with the Aperol Spritz. However, the history behind this drink dates back hundreds of years, before the version which we know today. The Spritz can take many forms. All Spritz are Italian wine-based cocktails. They normally come before a meal with a small bowl of something tasty to snack on. The wine is sparkling white wine, which is mixed with soda water and a kind of digestive bitters. This could include Select, Cynar, Campari or Aperol. However, there are loads of different regional styles.

Venetian Scenery
Venice – Home of the Spritz Veneziano

This drink was first born when Hapsburgs ruled Veneto in the 1800s. Supposedly, the members of the Venetian population who came from Hapsburg enjoyed the local wines, but thought the alcohol content was too high. So, little ‘sprays’ of water were added to still wine. The spritz comes from the German translation. ‘Spray’ translates to ‘spritzen’. As time went on, palates demanded a new flavour and traditional Italian bitters were added to sparkling wine and soda. This gives us the modern drink which we have today.

You’ve likely had a Spritz Veneziano before. Yet, you may not have made one for yourself. Read below to get the full recipe to make the perfect Spritz Veneziano at home!

Ingredients for the Spritz Veneziano

The ingredients for a classic Spritz Veneziano are:

  • 75ml of Prosecco. Here, the obvious choice is a Prosecco from the Veneto, or Friuli Venezia Giulia region. This style of sparkling wine screams Venezia. For us, the best choice is the DOC Prosecco from Piera. If you want to learn more about these fascinating winemakers, be sure to read our profile here.
  • 50ml of Select.
  • 25ml of Soda Water.
  • Garnish. The classic garnish for a Spritz Veneziano is a green olive.
  • Ice.
Spritz Veneziano
A Classic Spritz Veneziano

There you have it, these are the guidelines for a Spritz Veneziano. Be sure to pair it with the Venetian answer to tapas – Cicchetti. This involves loads of tiny bite-size bits of deliciousness and can be found in almost any Venetian bar that is serving up a delicious spritz. They are also a really fun and easy treat to create at home.

While the above recipe is the classic Venetian Spritz, feel free to mix it up and make your own spritz. There are a number of choices here. Italian bitters is a rich and diverse world, with each region producing their own style. I’d highly recommend trying a number of different ones, to find the perfect one for you.

You may want to use a regional Spumante, with a matching Italian Bitter. This could be a Pignoletto with Amaro Montenegro. Both hail from Bologna and Emilia-Romanga. Rather than a green olive, citrus fruits like lemon, orange and grapefruit could all be used.

The fun of a Spritz is trying different combinations.

How To Make A Spritz Veneziano

This is really simple, which just adds to the enjoyment!

  1. Add the ice to a glass of your choosing.
  2. Then, add Select and Prosecco.
  3. Top with Club Soda and give it a quick stir.
  4. Garnish.

I told you it was easy…

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