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Age Restriction 

You must be aged 18 or older to buy alcohol. By placing an order with us online you are confirming you are aged 18 or older. It is an offence to sell alcohol to anyone under the age of 18 in the UK. If you are buying alcohol for someone else the recipient must also be aged 18 or older. Deliveries must be received for by a person aged 18 or older. If our couriers are in any doubt about the age of the recipient on delivery, they will request some form of ID. We reserve the right to cancel the delivery if the age and identity of the recipient is in doubt.


Terms & Conditions 

www.savagevines.co.uk [the Website] is published by The Wine Prophets Limited, trading as SAVAGE VINESand the warehouse is located at 100 Garratt Lane, London United Kingdom SW18 4DJ. The Website is the entire property of The Wine Prophets Limited, and exclusively operated by the Company. The company is registered by Companies House and the Registrar of Companies for England and Wales has assigned the Company Number 10676425. SAVAGE VINES is committed to respecting and protecting your privacy and is compliant with the British Law under the Data Protection Act 1998. 



The company SAVAGE VINES provides services involving the sourcing and selection of wines for their customers. The company SAVAGE VINES operates this Website where it offers its customers, principally, subscription services for the monthly receipt of bottles of wine carefully selected by a sommelier. The receipt of wines or associated products is accompanied by exclusive access to printed, audio and video presentations on specific wine makers, production techniques, tasting of selected wines and wine producing regions all of which are the property of the company SAVAGE VINES. Definitions: As part of these terms of sale and use (hereinafter the “General Conditions”), the term: • Visitor (s): anyone browsing the Website www.savagevines.co.uk; • Member (s): All individuals who created an account on the Website www.savagevines.co.uk or has joined a mailing list • Customer (s) any person having subscribed www.savagevines.co.uk on the Website and / or have passed one or more orders from suppliers through www.savagevines.co.uk Website; Website: www.savagevines.co.uk the Website; • Supplier (s): wine or accessory producers selected by the company SAVAGE VINES. 



These Terms and Conditions are intended to define the ways in which the company SAVAGE VINES makes available its Website to visitors, members and Customers and offers the following services detailed.



These Conditions shall apply to every Visitor, Member and Customer. Access to and use of the Website entails acceptance of the Visitor, Member and Customer to these Terms. By joining the mailing list, confirming a subscription or placing an order on the Website, by clicking on the button “Order Now, is full acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. If you did not agree with the clauses below, you are advised not to use the Website. The applicable Terms are those in force on the day of the visit on the Website, confirming a subscription and / or placing an order. These Conditions are subject to change by the company SAVAGE VINES. In this case, the company SAVAGE VINES will inform the Customers and the new General Conditions will apply only to orders placed after the modification, or through subscriptions, as of the month following the change. Failing agreement with the modified terms and conditions, you are advised to refrain from continuing to use the services of the Website. Otherwise, the changes to the General Conditions shall be deemed accepted



The company SAVAGE VINES exclusively reserve its offers and services to individual customers. Any Customer is committed to act in that capacity. The company SAVAGE VINES reserves the right to refuse or cancel any order and / or subscription from a Customer proving to be a professional dealer or an individual or entity trading, or planning to trade, in the Wholesale or Retail Wine industry.



The company SAVAGE VINES strives to keep the Website accessible, without being under no obligation to do so. Access to the Website may be interrupted for maintenance, updating, or for any other technical reason. The company SAVAGE VINES is in no way responsible for these technical and temporary interruptions and the consequences or inconvenience that may result from the Visitors and Customers. 



The company offers SAVAGE VINES Visitors to create an account on the Website to take advantage of the following services: • Receiving regular newsletters by email providing details of events, news and promotional offers for the sale of wine, associated wine products, events or a subscription service • The Company SAVAGE VINES propose to take out a subscription to the Website in order to benefit the following services: • The receipt of 2, 3, 4, 6 or 12 bottles of wine per month, selected with great care by the company SAVAGE VINES by a sommelier (the number of bottles varies according to the subscription packages as presented on the Website and chosen by the Customer); • Access to sommelier’s tasting videos, podcasts and records generated by the company SAVAGE VINES allowing customers to discover the wines selected by the company SAVAGE VINES; • Subscription is established: – For a minimum of one (1) month and renewed by tacit agreement every month. – Either for a minimum period of 3, 6 or 12 months prepaid via a gift card. In the first case the Customer can terminate his subscription after a minimum period of one (1) month. The customer wishing to terminate its membership or subscription must notify the company SAVAGE VINES before any renewal order has been processed on the system, using the Website‘s features designed for this purpose in the member or subscribers account. In the case of a subscription with 2, 3, 4, 6 or 12 months were first paid in advance, the subscription will not renew at the end of the period. Customers who take out a monthly wine subscription must acknowledge that the subscription will automatically renew at the end of each month unit you cancel or pause it. Customers whose subscription or membership plan is valid also benefit from exclusive prizes reserved for them. The Customer may at any time change its subscription or membership for for another subscription plan proposed by the company SAVAGE VINES. Any changes made to subscription or membership plans will only apply to future renewals or payments and cannot be retrospectively applied to orders which have already been generated by the subscription or membership functionality build into the website.


If a customer cancels their subscription, they do not have the right to request any asset provided to them whilst they had an active subscription as these are the property of the Company SAVAGE VINES. The company SAVAGE VINES also expressly reserves the right to study case by case, and to accept or reject any subscription to a subscription for which deliveries are requested to take place outside of the United Kingdom, particularly in view of the special rules and conditions applicable in the country concerned, which the Customer expressly acknowledges and accepts. In case of rejection of a subscription or membership in this framework, the company SAVAGE VINES will inform the Customer/s as soon as possible. Gift Wine Subscriptions are sold by the company SAVAGE VINES in the form of a “gift card” when they are purchased for someone else. In this case, a unique activation code is listed on the gift card and sent by email (or by post if necessary). Any Gift Subscription Purchased must be redeemed by the recipient within 12 months from the date of purchase. Beyond these 12 months, the code becomes invalid and the subscription is not refundable. Any customer who offered a “gift card” has the ability to purchase through the Website, wines discovered through his subscription to the Website SAVAGE VINES, subject to availability of the offers on the Website. Customers who offered a “gift card” whose contract is valid also benefit from the same exclusive prices that subscribers Customers. 



Any Customer has the option to refer new customers. Both the new customer and person who has referred them will be awarded a £10 credit which will appear in their account for use in the online store of the company SAVAGE VINES. Not that referral payments only apply to the first order. For the avoidance of doubt, if you refer someone and they purchase a wine subscription or join our wine club, you will only be awarded £10 on the first box and not the subsequent renewals which follow as part of a subscription or recurring monthly wine club payment. You can refer someone using this link here.



The company SAVAGE VINES offers Customers the ability to place orders through the Website, to purchase wine related accessories, in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. Orders will only be processed after receipt of full payment by the Customer. Any order will result in an order confirmation sent by the company SAVAGE VINES to the email address that the Customer has provided upon confirming the order on the Website. When placing an order, it is the Customer’s responsibility to verify that the information on the order are consistent with their choices and personal information (personal data, delivery service, possible options, billing information etc .).The company SAVAGE VINES reserves the right to refuse any improper or questionable control and any order from a Customer who did not completely settled a previous order or with which any dispute is underway. The company SAVAGE VINES also expressly reserves the right to study case by case, and to accept or refuse any order for which delivery is to take place outside the United Kingdom, particularly in view of the special rules and conditions applicable in the country concerned, which the Customer expressly acknowledges and accepts. In case of refusal of the order in this context, the company SAVAGE VINES will inform the Customer as soon as possible. 



The product offers are valid until they are no longer visible on the Website or out of stock. Any offer means within the limits of available stock. The company SAVAGE VINES will make every effort, particularly in its relations with the producers and suppliers, to ensure that once off orders and / or subscriptions can be honoured. Nevertheless, as the intermediate platform and having no own stock on products offered, the company SAVAGE VINES can in no way be held responsible for any temporary out of stock causing a delay in the delivery of products objects of the control and / or subscription. In case of permanent unavailability of one or more products ordered and / or planned as part of a subscription, the company SAVAGE VINES undertakes to inform the Customer as soon as possible. The Customer will then, at its option, ask: (i) replacement of the product unavailable for one or more products of a quality and an equivalent price, or (ii) obtaining a credit from SAVAGE VINES for the amount of the order or the monthly amount of the customers’ subscription, or (iii) refund of the amount debited to the customers account. Not that any refund request will be processed within thirty (30) days from the receipt of the claim. For the purposes of the preceding paragraph, the assessment of equivalent quality remains the sole responsibility and discretion of the company SAVAGE VINES 



Prices shown are deemed to be in BRITISH POUNDS. Prices of miscellaneous fees are those indicated throughout the Customer Check Out process (Delivery etc). The price of subscription is that indicated on the Website. Subscription prices are inclusive of all taxes and delivery costs. The total price of the subscription payment is the one indicated during the check-out process by the Customer, based on the product/s they have selected. The prices of the wine accessory products ordered via the Website are those indicated on the page of each product. These prices do not include delivery costs which are shown separately and added to the amount of the order unless otherwise specified. The total price of the order is the one indicated during the confirmation of the order by the Customer, before the customer clicks on the checkout page to confirm the order.



By subscribing to SAVAGE VINES monthly wine subscription or wine club, the first month of your plan is paid directly the day you join or subscribe. Subsequent payments will then be processed each month on the same day when the subscription is active. A receipt of all orders and payments generated by the the website and emailed to the customer along with being available in the My Account section for each customer on the Savage Vines website. Their are two Payment Provider options on the Website which are operated by Stripe and Paypal, and fully secured. SAVAGE VINES does not store any sensitive data about the credit card and all transactions are encrypted. Recurring payments taken as part of the subscription plan are automatically programmed into the website and payment gateway. In the event a subscriber has their payment rejected or failed, Savage Vines will withhold the delivery if the payment is not made before the day the goods are scheduled for dispatch. Any fees incurred by Savage Vines as a result of the rejected or failed payment from the customer, Savage Vines has the right to charge the customer £5 to cover the cost of the fee and administration associated with the payment processing issue.  



Wines and Wine Accessory orders are fulfilled and delivered by companies selected by SAVAGE VINES. The order fulfilment process is conducted by SAVAGE VINES. Delivery of the Wines and Accessories is undertaken by DPD Local. The products are delivered as decided by the Customer during registration at the address indicated. If some or all of the addresses or information needed for delivery provided by Customer prove incorrect forcing the carrier selected by the company SAVAGE VINES to return the products, the Customer to bear the costs and consequences. The company SAVAGE VINES is committed to make every effort to ensure that the delivery deadlines are met. Shipping for wine accessories orders made via the Website will be completed within 5 working days. These times may vary especially depending on the place of delivery, the amount of goods ordered and their availability. Delivery times announced at the order are indicated in working days and subject to confirmation of the order. The products are delivered by the company SAVAGE VINES as decided by the Customer during placing an order, the delivery address given by the Customer or a point that they select. If some or all of the addresses or information needed for delivery provided by Customer prove incorrect requiring the company SAVAGE VINES orders to return, the Customer to bear the costs and consequences. 



12.1. The Customer must carefully check the condition and conformity of the products delivered during the delivery. It can then either (i) accept the order if it appears to be intact, (ii) refuse the order if it is manifestly not in conformity (broken bottles) following the procedure provided for in Article 12.3 herein. 12.2. In the event that, within six (3) months from delivery, the customer would see when tasting of products delivered a clear deterioration in the quality of products (wine “corked”), it will be up to the Customer to contact SAVAGE VINES and follow the procedure laid down in Article 12.3 herein. For the purposes of this Article 12.2, it is specified that only can be treated the bottle returns (s) exhibiting a level greater than three-quarter (3/4) of initial filling. The relevant order number and Customer contact details must be clearly marked on the return shipping carton. 12.3. In case of refusal of an order by the Customer at the time of delivery (12.1) or return because of a deterioration in the quality of the product found to tasting (12.2), it will be up to the Customer to inform the company SAVAGE VINES by post or e-mail at: [email protected] In any event, the Customer must take care to clearly indicate in the mail or e-mail, all the information requested and the specific reasons for the return or refusal of the order. The company SAVAGE VINES then will do its best to liaise with the producer for the replacement of the product (s) with a new delivery to the Customer. In the event that the replacement of the product is not feasible, the company SAVAGE VINES will then offer the Customer the reimbursement of products and delivery (amount of the monthly subscription or amount of the order, proportion of rejected products, and optionally including return costs incurred by the Customer upon receipt of supporting documents). 



The Customer has a period of up to 30 calendar days from the receipt of the ordered product (s) or received (s) as part of its subscription to retract and return any product that does not suit them, according to the following terms. A refund shall be made promptly, at the latest within thirty (30) days from the date of product return. The product (s) should imperatively be returned in its / their packaging, cardboard and original condition (unopened bottles, caps and labels undamaged). The order number and contact details of the Customer must be clearly marked on the shipping carton. To facilitate repayments and improve the quality of services and partnerships, SAVAGE VINES invites its customers to inform them of the return in writing and the return of the product (s) by sending an email under the procedure provided for in Article 12.3 of these General Terms and stating the reasons for the refund request to [email protected].



The Customer is informed that the personal information and data requested of them are necessary for the management and processing of the subscription and / or order and trade relations of the company SAVAGE VINES. This information and data is stored to allow the company SAVAGE VINES to ensure the successful completion of orders, improve service quality, to better meet the expectations of the Customer and customize the services offered and the addressed information. This information and data is also stored for security purposes in order to meet legal and regulatory obligations. They can be sent to companies that contribute to these relationships such as those responsible for the execution of services and orders for their management, execution, processing and payment. To offer you products adapted to your tastes, we reserve the right to treat your data in order to achieve targeted advertisements or promotions. This information is intended for the use of SAVAGE VINES and may be processed by service providers acting on behalf of the company SAVAGE VINES. SAVAGE VINES is in compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and you have at any time a right of access, opposition, rectification and deletion of personal data from the Company SAVAGE VINES. To do this, simply make the request by e-mail at: SAVAGE VINES, [email protected]. The login credentials supplied by the company SAVAGE VINES are personal and un-transferable. It is the responsibility of each customer to prevent access to the Website by third parties, especially when browsing or logging in to the website on shared / public computers. You can unsubscribe at any time either by clicking the link found in all emails. 



A cookie is a small data block sent to your web browser from a web server and stored on the hard disk of the computer of the visitor or customer. The company SAVAGE VINES reserves the right to use cookies for the following purposes: to customize  www.savagevines.co.uk, Website traffic analysis, compilation of statistics and also to be particularly attentive to user needs (Visitors, Members and Customers).  Our Cookies do not contain Data which will allow us to personally identify a Visitor, Member or Customer. Cookies are to be used only by the company SAVAGE VINES. At any time, the Visitor, Member or Customer may object to the registration of these “cookies” by configuring their computer or by changing the settings of their web browser. Visitors, Members and Customers are informed that by not accepting cookies, use of the Website and the services offered will be able to be limited. 



The brand and logo “SAVAGE VINES” are the full property of the Company. No use of the trademark and logo “SAVAGE VINES” can be made without the agreement preliminary and written of the company SAVAGE VINES. The entire content, in whole or in part, that appears or is available on the