Top 3 Loire Valley Wines

Top 3 Loire Valley Wines

Where is the Loire Valley?

Before we tell you what the Top 3 Loire Valley wines are, let’s just make sure we all know exactly where it is. Start by casting your thoughts toward Paris in the north. From here, deviate 80 miles south and then drive west straight towards the Atlantic ocean. This is stretch of 180 miles west towards the sea is Loire Valley wine territory.

Top 3 Loire Valley Wines 2018

It is often referred to as the Garden of France due to the abundance of vineyards, fruit orchards (such as cherries) and artichoke and asparagus fields which line the banks of the Loire river.

Top 3 Loire Valley Wines - The Garden of France

What wines can I expect in the Loire Valley?

Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Franc are the three main grape varieties which are grown in the Loire Valley. The majority of wines from the Loire Valley are unoaked meaning the wine has not spent any time fermenting or ageing in oak barrels. This results in wines that are young, fresh and express a lot of citrus and berry fruit. The Cabernet Francs may have spent some time ageing in French Oak although this is not always the case. Below is a list of typical aromas and flavours you may expect in the 3 main wines from the Loire Valley:

Top 3 Loire Valley Wines

Biodynamic and Organic wine making practices are also common in the Loire Valley. Over the last couple of years they have seen a steady increase in the conversion of growers to become certified organic and/or biodynamic. Look for the green Bio Agri Certificate on the back of the wine labels.

Biodynamic Wine Certification Europe

Top 3 Loire Valley Wines

Now for the most important bit. What are our top 3 Loire Valley wines for 2018? In June the Savage Vines team travelled to the Loire Valley looking for some new and interesting wines. We spent 3 days driving around to various Domaine’s and villages to see what we could find. Here are our wine buyers top 3 Loire Valley wines:

Chateau de Miniere – A stately Domaine which has undergone restorations in recent times. Very well maintained gardens and vines. There is accommodation on site as well as a function venue. Located roughly 15 miles out of Tours in the central Loire Valley. Savage Vines highly recommends their Blanc de Miniere and Bulles de Miniere. Address: 23 rue de Minière, 37140 Ingrandes de Touraine. Telephone: +33 2 47 96 94 30

Drusse – Less flashy than Chateau de Miniere although David and Nathalie’s wines are just as good. Located in St Nicolas De Bourgueil which produces primarily cabernet franc. They are a certified biodynamic producer and have a range of red wines from young & fresh style wines through to cabernet franc’s which have spent over 2 years in French oak and further time ageing in the bottle. We recommend their Vieilles Vignes 2015 Cabernet Franc. Address: D35 Villatte 37140 Bourgueil Telephone: +33 2 47 97 98 24

Domaine Des Roches Neuves –  Wine made by Thierry Germain who originally hails from Bordeaux. His wine making ethos is one of a natural approach and considered one of the best biodynamic and organic producers in the Loire Valley. Les Roches [The Rocks] 2016 is a cabernet franc made from grapes grown in silty sands and clay limestone soils and is not to be missed. Address: 56 Boulevard Saint Vincent 49400 Varrains Telephone: +33 2 41 52 94 02 

Getting to the Loire Valley

If you are thinking this Loire Valley wine thing sounds pretty good then start packing your bags. It is really easy to get there from the UK and you have a few options. Here are a few below

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