Top Sherry Cocktail Recipes For This Festive Season!

Harry Lambourne
2nd December 2021

If ever there is a time for sitting back and enjoying a glass of Sherry, it is the festive season. However, maybe you’re looking to branch out. If so, then Sherry Cocktails are what you need! Champagne Cocktails have some classic well-know recipes. Yet, Sherry Cocktails are less familiar. The variety in styles of Sherry, allows for a real breadth in the different flavours of popular cocktails.

This article will take you through a few of our favourite Sherry cocktails. Unique and interesting concoctions. One for each of Fino, Cream, Pedro Ximénez and Oloroso Sherry. These are all novel takes on classic cocktails, refreshingly simple and a way to experience new flavours.

Fino Sherry Cocktail – Maria Sangrienta

The quintessential breakfast cocktail is now new and improved, because this Sherry cocktail is a riff on the classic Bloody Mary. Bloody Mary’s can be a bit divisive, due to their savoury nature. However, if you’re already a fan of the original, the Sherry version will be great for you. The addition of the dry Fino makes the Maria Sangrienta not only more savoury, but lighter. Indeed, you might be able to have one extra drink over breakfast or brunch. Cheers to that!

Sherry Cocktail - Maria Sangrienta
Fino Sherry Cocktail – Maria Sangrienta (Image Courtesy of:
How to Make A Maria Sangrienta Sherry Cocktail
  • 40ml of Fino Sherry
  • 60ml of Tomato Juice
  • 7.5ml of Fresh Lime Juice
  • 7.5ml of Worcestershire
  • Pinch of Salt
  • Tabasco and Fresh Black Pepper to taste, (some like them hot!)
  1. Combine all the ingredients in a mixing glass and stir.
  2. Secondly, strain into a rock glass over square chunks of ice.
  3. Finally, garnish with toppings of your choosing. Olives would be a particularly good pairing here, but feel free to experiment. Indeed, you can add anything from the classic lemon or celery, to the more outrageous fresh grilled prawns or anchovies.

Cream Sherry Cocktail – Dulce Espresso Martini

Now, another twist on a classic. Espresso Martinis are famous for being a pick me up in more ways than one. Coffee in a cocktail is a sure fire way to get you going! Accordingly, the Sherry Cocktail equivalent is no different. The addition of the Cream Sherry makes the Dulce Espresso Martini deliciously syrupy and dangerously drinkable. A great start to any night.

Cream Sherry Cocktail - Dulce Espresso Martini
Cream Sherry Cocktail – Dulce Espresso Martini
How To Make A Dulce Espresso Martini Sherry Cocktail
  • 35ml Vodka, (Unflavoured)
  • 35ml Tia Maria
  • 25ml Cream Sherry
  • 25ml Espresso
  1. Add all the ingredients to a cocktail shaker, with ice.
  2. Shake vigorously.
  3. Finally, double strain into a martini glass and garnish with coffee beans.

Pedro Ximenez Sherry Cocktail – Kansas City Manhattan

The Bloody Mary and Espresso Martini are both delicious cocktails. However, they don’t pack a punch as much as a Manhattan. For those among you who like a stiff drink, then this cocktail is the one for you – introducing the ‘Kansas City Manhattan’! Here, you still have the strong boozy flavour you love, but with a delicious sweetness through the addition of Pedro Ximénez Sherry.

Pedro Ximénez Sherry Cocktail - Kansas City Manhattan
Pedro Ximénez Sherry Cocktail – Kansas City Manhattan
How To Make A Kansas City Manhattan Sherry Cocktail
  • 50ml of Bourbon
  • 12.5ml of Pedro Ximénez Sherry
  • 12.5ml Red Vermouth
  • 2 dashes of the Bitters of your choosing
  • A Cocktail Cherry
  1. Combine the ingredients in a large shaker and stir.
  2. Then, strain the liquid into a chilled glass.
  3. Lastly, garnish with orange peel and a cocktail cherry.

Oloroso Sherry Cocktail – My Sherrgroni

If the addition of Pedro Ximénez makes the Manhattan sound too sweet, then we’ve got the drink for you. Much like the Manhattan, the Negroni is renowned for its ability to either delight or revolt, depending on one’s penchant for a boozy beverage. This Sherry Cocktail makes the simple substitution of Oloroso, for Red Vermouth. Voilà, you’ve got the My Sherrgroni! Dry, boozy and balanced delightful aperitif. However, please proceed with caution.

Oloroso Sherry Cocktail - My Sherrgroni
Oloroso Sherry Cocktail – My Sherrgroni
How To Make A My Sherrgroni
  • 37.5ml of Dry London Gin
  • 25ml of Campari
  • 25ml of Oloroso Sherry
  1. Add all the ingredients to a mixing glass.
  2. Secondly, add ice and stir.
  3. Thirdly, strain into a glass and garnish with a slice of orange peel.

There you have it, four wonderful new Sherry Cocktail’s to try out this festive season. Some to start your day. Some best drank in the evening. Indeed, each one a unique use for your particular favourite style of Sherry. While it may begin as a festive novelty. It could turn into a weekend regular. Now get mixing!

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