Top 3 Urban Wineries

21st October 2018

Whether you are visiting or just looking for something different to do on the weekend then why don’t you head down to an Urban Winery.

Below are three Urban Wineries in London who all serve up a smile, a cracking story on their escapade into the Urban Wine business and most importantly a great glass of wine.

Urban Wineries are a recent phenomenon although over the last four years we have seen a number open their doors to the public across the city.  From Battersea in the south, to Bethnal Green in the east and Victoria in the city centre, you are never too far from an Urban Winery.

Top 3 Urban Wineries in London
Learn about urban wine

What is an Urban Winery?

Before we go on, let’s just make sure we all know what an urban winery is. Wikipedia defines an Urban Winery as a facility located in a city or built up area where the owners or proprietors make wine. We like to think of them as a place of refuge, where kick ass wine is made, music is played and tasty food is served by savage entrepreneurs.

Urban Wineries London - Renegade Wine Bar
Warwick from Renegade Urban Winery waxing some Pinot Noir tops

How do Urban Wineries in London work?

Usually a winery will be located in a rural area close to where the vines grow. Because the grapes are the primary ingredient in wine, this makes a whole lot of sense. Conversely, urban winemakers will purchase grapes from growers, either domestically or import them from overseas. They will visit the wine growers and assess their growing practices, the health of their vines and overall quality of the fruit they produce. Once the grapes have been picked by the grower, they are then sent [fairly quickly] to the urban winemaking facility.

Urban Wineries London - Growers Fruit
Hand picked Sangiovese from Monte Columbo, Italy

Once the grapes have been removed from the vine, their skin is likely to be split or attacked by insects. This will start the fermentation process (turning the grape juice into wine) prematurely. Let’s just leave it at that as the proprietors at all three urban wineries will talk you through the winemaking process in more detail. By the time you leave you will be a full bottle, or half, depending on how quickly you drink it!

Three Urban Wineries in London to visit

Blackbook Urban Winery

Opened in 2017 by winemaker Sergio and wife Lynsey, Blackbook Urban Winery is located in Battersea under a rail arch just north of Clapham Common. Earlier this year they released their first vintage of wines which comprised of a Rosé, Chardonnay, Blanc de Blanc and Pinot Noir. The pair source all their fruit from growers in the United Kingdom and are keen supporters of the free wine movement. In August they opened up their urban winery to group tours and tastings. We highly recommend giving them a call and organising a visit.

Top 3 Urban Wineries in London - Blackbook Urban Winery
Head down to Blackbook Winery and try some urban wines

Book a Blackbook wine tour & tastings today.

Address: Arch 41, London Stone Business Estate, Battersea London, SW8 3QR

Closest Underground: Clapham Common, then a short bus ride on the number 137.

We recommend both their Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Use code BB18 for 10% off Blackbook wines in our online wine store.

Top 3 Urban Wineries in London - Blackbook Urban Winery
Sergio giving everyone the low down on urban winemaking
Top 3 Urban Wineries London - Blackbook Winery Tastings
Blackbook urban winery in Battersea

Renegade Urban Winery & Bar

Established in 2016 by Warwick Smith,  Renegade is an urban winery and bar in Bethnal Green, East London. Unlike Sergio and Lynsey at Blackbook, Warwick is making small batch artisanal wines using grapes grown in both the UK and continental Europe. All the fruit he purchases has been hand harvested and then vinified in London.

Urban Wineries London - Renegade Wine Bar
Renegade Urban Winery Bar – 2 minute walk from Bethnal Green Underground Station

Renegade have a bar set up inside their urban winery with enough seating for about fifty people.  They have a great selection of wines by the glass and also sell wines from other urban winemakers from as far away as Melbourne, Australia and Capetown, South Africa. If you head down make sure you try their 2017 Bethnal Bubbles. It is a dry hopped English sparkling wine made from grapes grown in Herefordshire.

Urban Wineries London - Renegade Urban Winery Bar
Chardonnay, Pinot Noir & Bethnal Bubbles from Renegade Urban Winery

Renegade also take bookings for corporate events and private parties. They serve a small selection of bites and shared plates. There is also a nori taco shop a couple of rail arches down which slide down a treat after a couple of glasses of wine. We highly recommend you pay Warwick and the team a visit.

Address: Arch 12, Gales Gardens, Bethnal Green London, E2 0EJ

Closest Underground: Bethnal Green

Email to book a table today

We recommend the Renegade’s 2017 Bethnal Bubbles and Chardonnay. Use code RW18 to receive 10% off Renegade wines in our online wine store.

Top 3 Urban Wineries London - Renegade Urban Winery Social Media
Keep up to date wine Renegade Urban Winery on Social Media

Vagabond Urban Winery

London’s first customer-centric urban winery and bar is in full swing. Vagabond have come a long way since their first little site in Fulham in late 2010. Now boasting five sites across the city (Victoria, Northcote Road, Battersea Power Station, Charlotte Street and Fulham) you are never going to be too far away from one of their urban wine bars.

Vagabond - Urban Wineries London
Vagabond Urban Wineries – A great place to try new wines

Tasting and exploring new wines was once a sweet perk of the wine trade. Vagabond wine bars allow everyone, no matter your expertise, to sample and discover over one hundred wines by the glass. They use Enomatic wine dispensers which allow you to sample wines in tiny pours before committing to a full glass. From natural to organic and orange to pink, there is something for everyone.

Vagabond - Urban Wineries London - Urban Wine
Vagabond House Made Urban Wines

Vagabond urban wine bars are hugely popular and often host informative wine evenings and guided events. For more information check out their website for the latest events. Vagabond is a great place to spend an afternoon or evening. We recommend you book a table in advance.

For location details click on the links referenced above.

Savage Vines sells wines made by urban wineries in our online wine store. Include a couple of bottles in your next mixed case purchase and support the British wine economy.

If Urban Wineries in London are not your thing then perhaps Driving to Champagne is.

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