Virtual Wine Tastings – 5 Tips For A Successful Event

15th July 2020

As the lockdown situation continues around the globe, many social activities are witnessing a sudden closure. Among these is the indulgent luxury of wine tasting. Be it an informal event where you get together with your friends or an evening fest organised by your favourite vineyard – wine tasting is the pastime of many. As we are limited only to the world of virtual meetings, is hosting wine tasting sessions possible?

In this article, we are going to talk about just that. You will discover that not only are wine tasting events becoming possible around the world, they are also thriving. We are here to offer you the best tips from top sommeliers about making a virtual wine tasting session successful. 

For an intimate and feel-good wine tasting experience, please go through the tips as they follow. Cheers!

Wine Tasting Evening
Choose The Best Virtual Wine Tasting Platforms

The first decision you need to take as a wine tasting host is to decide where to hold your session. It is essential to note that the choice of a proper platform is crucial in terms of the success and inclusiveness of your event. To choose the perfect platform, you need to make sure that it is free, used by a lot of people, and can support a good number of participants.

With these points in mind, you might want to advertise your event beforehand to ensure participation. Advertisement or promotion must be done on a platform where you receive sufficient viewership. While Zoom is one of the leading platforms in usage when it comes to wine tasting events – you can opt for alternatives such as Google Meet. However, another handy option, both in terms of hosting and advertising, is Instagram. You can make your followers aware of the event beforehand and conduct the session on IG Live. Shakera Jones of Black Girls Dine Too (@blackgirlsdinetoo) certainly does just that.

How To Stop Participants Interrupting Wine Tasting Hosts

Wine tasting is a subtle activity that requires peace, calm, and concentration. It is about enjoying the present moment. In such a scenario, if one interrupts the proceedings, the entire experience can crumble. Therefore, as hosts, we need to make sure that none of the participants unnecessarily disturbs the event.

To ensure this, the host needs to describe the flow of activities in detail beforehand and set some rules. Such rules can look like asking the participants to observe silence during wine tasting by muting their microphones and completely immersing their senses in the activity. The hosts can also specify a particular time for asking questions.

Another go-to can be to mention that one does not need to ask for permission to abruptly leave the meeting. Setting such rules can significantly help in avoiding unnecessary interruptions.

Furthermore, information regarding wine that is select and rare can impress real connoisseurs and keep them from interrupting a session. As hosts, you may talk about specific grapes or a flagship wine type such as Caymus Wine

Virtual Wine Tasting
The Maximum Number Of People For A Virtual Wine Tasting

We are all aware of the age-old adage ‘Too many cooks spoil the broth.’ The essence of this saying applies here too. Wine tasting is a bonding experience, much beyond just the evaluation and ranking of wine. For the people to get to know each other and feel more connected, the group must be tight-knit, at least in terms of number. Even in actual physical wine tasting sessions, a maximum of about forty guests is invited to attend an event. In the case of virtual meetings, this number is often lesser, something around twenty. At times it can even drop to single digits. The smaller the people per session, the more meetings you can hold to keep up with the demand, and the easier it will be to manage your participants

Wine Tasting

Virtual Wine Tasting Length

Before you schedule a wine tasting event, you need to decide how long it will last. Mentioning the session’s duration is crucial to its success because it lets your guests plan their day accordingly. Also, virtual meetings such as these need to have a time limit because many platforms have a specified duration for each session.

For example, if you’re planning to conduct a meeting on Zoom, a free account will allow you a timeframe of about forty minutes for a meeting. As a host, it is vital that one is aware of these specifications and plans their event within this timeframe to avoid it being incomplete. The ideal length of any virtual wine tasting lies around the thirty to forty minutes.

Topics To Cover During The Wine Tasting Event

A proper wine tasting event needs to be informative, as well as enjoyable. As hosts, we have to keep our audience pleasurably engaged. Therefore, it is crucial to pick up proper topics to include in our session. The most useful wine tasting events cover topics such as the making of wine, the varieties of grapes, regions, and climates and how they affect the quality of the wine, deductive tasting, and some specific mentions. At the end of the session, your guests should have a fair idea of what wine they want to try next!

Wine Tasting Event

Whether you are a sommelier, wine taster, or just a wine enthusiast, holding virtual tasting sessions doesn’t have to be stressful. With these tips in mind, you can make any session fruitful and lively. The key is to enjoy and be present yourself, and your guests will follow cue. Make sure to make everyone feel included in the activity and, above all, make it a bonding experience.

The social distancing norms of the lockdown periods make people crave company, and as hosts of a social event, you have a chance to fulfil that desire. Make it fun for your guests, and you will build a relationship with your guests that lasts well beyond this pandemic.

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