Weingut Feth | Rheinhessen Germany

26th July 2020

The Feth family have been involved in the wine industry since 1788. Weingut Feth’s vineyards are located in the Southern Rheinhessen wine region known as the Wonnegau. The village Florsheim-Dalsheim is 60 miles southwest of Frankfurt and is home to Florien Feth [winemaker] and his family. Here they cultivate 25 hectares of vineyards and focus on Riesling and classic Burgundy grapes such as Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. For more than 30 years, the vineyards have been cultivated consistently using Rudolph Steiner’s bio-dynamic farming principles.

How To Get To Weingut Feth

The village of Florsheim- Dalsheim is easily accessed from Frankfurt by train in just over 2 hours or by road in just under 1 hour. Local points of interest include the Fleckenmauer, a medieval wall that surrounds the village and the motor bike museum called Motorrad- und Technikmuseum. There is plenty of choice when it comes to accommodation in town, Ferienhaus Habitat Wonnegau and Gästehaus Schmitt und Tacheles being just two.

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About The Southern Rheinhessen Wine Region

The Southern Rheinhessen wine region predominantly produces white wine. It is known for growing a relatively diverse range of grape varieties. The main variety of grape cultivated by Feth is Riesling and to a much lesser extent Spätburgunder. Spätburgunder is what we know as Pinot Noir. Many of the best-known viticultural areas are located close to the Rhine River. It forms a steeply embanked valley that is able to trap heat, while the river moderates temperature and reflects sunlight back into the vineyard.

The Taunus hills, Odenwald and Hunsrück Mountains shelter vineyards from harsh weather. Rheinhessen has a mild climate compared to the rest of Germany. With a relatively long growing season, the vines are rooted in living loess and clay marl soils, which determine the terroir in the wines. While deliberately avoiding the use of mineral fertilisers and chemical pesticides, they instead treat their vines with, among other things, tea and extracts of medicinal plants. In order to increase soil life and the build-up of humus, green plants are sown, which loosen the soil with their roots and bind superfluous nitrogen.

Hunsruck Mountains Rheinhessen German Wine Regions
Hunsrück Mountains with the Rhine River in between
Recommended Wines From Weingut Feth

Although Weingut Feth produces a wide variety of dry and sweet wines, two recommendations are below.

Feth Pfeddersheimer Riesling is produced from a single vineyard or plot of high quality vines. The Riesling is a 2018 vintage and medium bodied bio-dynamic white wine. It has an excellent balance of orchard and stone fruit which combines with lovely acidity. On the nose it is delightful with a combination of apple, peach, hints of apricot and white flowers.

Weingut Feth Riesling | Bio-dynamic German Wine

Pair Weingut Feth’s Pfeddersheimer Riesling with your favourite take away Indian. Rogan Josh is a must, along with garlic naan and some vegetable samosa’s.

Feth Chardonnay is a medium bodied bio-dynamic white wine. It has an excellent balance of soft orchard fruit and subtle acidity. On the nose it is delightful with a combination of apple, peach, hints of apricot and a buttery roundness.

Weingut Feth Chardonnay | Bio-dynamic German Wine

Pair Weingut Feth’s Chardonnay 18′ with poached chicken, gravy and roasted vegetables.

Images From Weingut Feth

Below are a series of images Florian provided us with which were taken around their vineyard. Savage Vines buy wine directly from small independent producers and focus on organic and bio-dynamic wine production.

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