Wine Bars In London | 5 Great Venues For A Drink

Harry Lambourne
14th August 2021

The world is taking its first tentative steps outside again. So, we are all trying to remember how to interact with one another in real time, in the real world. Without a doubt the best way to do so is over a few glasses of wine. Luckily, we’ve got all of you in the Greater London area covered. This article will take you through some of our favourite wine bars in London.

We will give you wine bars in London which are glitzy and those which are historic. As well as a number of wine bars in London which specialise in natural, organic and biodynamic wine, which we here at Savage Vines love.

Without further ado, and in no particular order, let’s look at some wine bars in London for you to check out next time you’re craving a great wine experience.

67 Pall Mall

67 Pall Mall Wine Club - Top Wine Bars in London
67 Pall Mall

Location: 67 Pall Mall, St. James’s, London SW1Y 5ES

Closest Station: Green Park Station

First on our list of Wine Bars in London is one for the premium and exclusive. Not, a simple drop in, but if you can afford to live in London, maybe you can afford to treat yourself to membership at 67 Pall Mall.

Everything about this London wine bar screams elegance. Beautiful decor and an extensive wine list in the beating heart of London. This is a member’s only establishment, but you may want to treat yourself to a membership. As you might expect from somewhere like 67 Pall Mall, there is a dress code in operation. So, if you join the club, remember to dress sharp.

Through their club you can expect regular events which include wine tastings, travel excursions, live music and much more. If you want a high-end wine tasting experience and are looking to become a regular part of a multi-award-winning establishment, then Pall Mall 67 could well be the place for you.

67 Pall Mall has a commitment to never letting a bottle get dusty in a forgotten cellar. Wine is better when it’s being drunk and they want all visitors to come to their establishment and try something which they have never done before. They boast a wine list with 1200 wines by the glass and 5000 bottles, so I think that’s more than achievable. Not your average for wine bars in London.

Gordon’s Wine Bar

Gordon's Wine Bar London
Gordon’s Wine Bar

Location: 47 Villiers St, London WC2N 6NE

Nearest Station: Charing Cross / Embankment

Next on our list of wine bars in London is something with history. London is a city with a rich cultural history. It is hard to walk down a street in London without being acutely aware of this. Thankfully much of Britain’s rich cultural history has been firmly centred around drinking alcohol. And, while the pubs of London may take the crown for the oldest boozing establishments, there are London wine bars out there which have a rich history to them as well. ‘Gordon’s Wine Bar’ is one of them.

Established in 1890 Gordon’s Wine Bar boasts the title of oldest wine bar in London. Gordon’s wine list possesses a full array of delicious wines. Red, white, rose and sparkling wines all feature in droves, with examples from all across the globe. However, they also have a number of examples of great sherries, madeiras and ports to try if you’re looking to expand your taste from the non-fortified wine.

Alongside the delicious wine, you can also have some delicious food. There is everything you’d want alongside a few glasses of wine. This includes cheese, cold meats and pate. The real highlight is a page long list of cheeses expertly paired with wines from the menu. All served with fresh bread, butter and chutney. It really doesn’t get better than that.


Terroirs Wine Bar London
Terroirs Wine Bar & Bistro

Location: 36-38 Lordship Ln, London SE22 8HJ

Nearest Station: East Dulwich / Denmark Hill / Peckham Rye

Terroir’ is a term which is incredibly prevalent in the world of wine, so it’s unsurprising that one of our wine bars in London should give focus to this term. Terroirs should be a wine bar which becomes equally as prevalent in your daily life. This London wine bar splits their establishment into three sections. The bistro which offers delectable food, as well as a huge menu of wines from around the world. The wine shop, which offers an array of natural, organic and biodynamic wines from a number of small producers to take home. Then, their market with locally sourced fresh produce of the highest quality. 

Obviously though, you will have come to terroir for the wine and rightly so. The bistro list is a whopping 39 pages. The wines are from all across the world and are picked in line with an ethos that is commendable. They focus on small artisan growers who adhere to natural, yet labour-intensive, practices to ensure that the product which you are getting is free from anything that isn’t naturally produced delicious wine. This wine list, (like the wines found on it), is cultivated with care in order to guarantee you a great experience.

Antidote Wine Bar

Antidote Wine Bar
Antidote Wine Bar

Location: 12A Newburgh St, Carnaby, London W1F 7RR

Nearest Station: Oxford Circus

Antidote, is next on our list of wine bars in London. It is tucked away from the hustle and bustle of Carnaby Street. A haven for all wine lovers looking to take a respite of a day on the busy London streets. Antidote is another London wine bar with a commitment to all things natural. They source only naturally produced, low-intervention wines. They display a great menu with wines available by the glass or bottle. Not only this but all wines are available to takeaway as well. You will no doubt, not be leaving empty handed. 

It is not simply a long-list of fantastic organic and biodynamic wines available at Antidote. They host wine tasting events to give you the greatest hits from their menu. On top of that, whether you’re sampling the wines in a led session, or on your own personal adventure you can pair it all with delicious charcuterie boards. Beautiful wine with a delicious selection of meats, breads and cheese.

The Laughing Heart

The Laughing Heart
The Laughing Heart

Location: 277 Hackney Rd, London E2 8NA

Nearest Station: Hoxton

The Laughing Heart is the London wine bar for you, if you’re part audiophile and part oenophile. It’s a unique offering on our wine bars in London. Inside ‘The Laughing Heart’ is ‘The Cave’. Where you can enjoy the great selection of food and wine, alongside a fantastic array of DJs. A truly great night out and a unique offering of the wine bars in London.

Now for the food and drink itself. With both dinner and lunch menus, each with a full wine pairing – this is a restaurant in its own right. They have an array of exciting modern dishes sure to tantalise the palate as much as any wine. However, like all the establishments on this list above all else you should come for the wine. 

Again, this wine bar commits themselves to artisan farmers who operate on organic vineyards. You are sure to find something unique and delicious here. Luckily, they also operate an off licence where any wines you sample that particularly hit the spot you can take home at a reduced price. A great choice if your looking for wine bars in London.

Hopefully this list has provided you with your next 5 nights out, any one of these wine bars in London is worthy of that! Indeed, each one is unique in its own right and can be the perfect setting for catching up with old friends and enjoying some delicious wine in the city of London. If you have your own recommendations for wine bars in London, we’d also love to hear about it. Cheers to that!

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