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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Q1: What is Savage Vines Wine Club?

A1: Savage Vines Wine Club is for environmentally conscious wine drinkers who want to drink high quality wine and have the ability to save up for a purchase over the course of a few months. Wine Club Members pay into their account on a monthly basis which gives them credits to spend on wine when they are ready. Savage Vines buys wine direct from small family run vineyards who make unique, high quality wines which are made in limited quantities at very affordable prices. We focus on vineyards which are certified organic / bio-dynamic as they are better for the environment as they don’t use artificial herbicides and pesticides and minimal sulphites. Savage Vines Wine Club Members are supporting small vineyards, doing their part for the environment and getting access excellent wines at a great price!

Q2: What benefits are you entitled to as a wine club member?

A2: Savage Vines Wine Club Members are entitled to exclusive discounts on all wine and wine accessories on our site. You will also get priority access to our wine tasting events before they get released to the public. Our wine club works by making payments into your account each month and then you use your account credit to buy wine when you are ready. This allows you to save up for some nice wine over the course of a couple of months, rather than having to pay for it all at once.

Q3: How much is a Savage Vines Wine Club Membership?

A3: There are three tiers of membership. Gold Membership which is £75 a month, Silver Membership which is £50 and Bronze Membership which is £25. Once you join as a member you will be charged the monthly amount on the day you join. This amount then gets credited into your wine club account and you can use this towards buying wine when you are ready. You will then be charged the same value on a monthly basis. Use your credit straight away or save your balance up for a few months.

Q4: I still don’t understand how it works, can you please explain how it works in more detail?

A4: As an example, assume you can afford to pay £50 a month towards some nice wine. The best option would be for you to join as a silver wine club member. You then go the Wine Club Membership page on our website and subscribe to this membership plan. Your card will be charged £50 once you have entered in your payment details. At the same time your order is confirmed, your account will be created on the website and your wine club balance will be credited with £50. Your account login details will be emailed to you separately at the same time your order is confirmed. Use this to log into the website and then use the funds in your account balance when you are ready. If you decide you want to wait a few months and build your account balance up that is fine, the credit will be there waiting for you. Then on the same day the following month your card will be charged another £50 and account credited with another £50. If you haven’t used your balance from the previous month then your wine club account will have £100.

Q5: How do I use my wine club credit?

A5: To use your wine club credit all you need to do is log into your account. Once you have selected the products you want to buy go to the basket page. On here it tell you how much credit you have and ask you if you want to use it towards the purchase. This will then be subtracted from the order value. If the order value is greater than the amount of credit you have available then you can just use your bank card to pay for any residual balance.

Q6: Can I use a combination of wine club credit and my debit / credit card to make a purchase?

A6: Sure. Any transaction which has a value greater than your wine club credit available will need to be paid for at the time of the transaction. For example, you wanted to buy a mixed case of wine which is £165 but you only have £150 in wine club credit on your account. In this instance on the basket page you can apply the wine club credit to the mixed case and then pay the residual £15 with your bank card / credit card at checkout.

Q7: If I decide I don’t want to be a club member anymore can I cancel?

A7: Yes you can pause your membership or cancel whenever you like. There are no contracts or fees to pay. If you still have funds in your account then we will refund that too, minus a £5 admin fee as the bank will charge us to process the refund.

Q8: What is the difference between Gold, Silver and Bronze Wine Club Membership?

A8: Gold Wine Club Membership is £75 a month and it entitles you to 25% off all individual wines, 15% off mixed case products and 10% of wine books and accessories. Silver Wine Club Membership is £50 and it entitles you to 15% off all individual wines, 10% off mixed case products and 7.5% of wine books and accessories. Bronze Wine Club Membership is £25 and it entitles you to 10% off all individual wines, 5% off mixed case products and 5% of wine books and accessories.

Q9: I see you have a monthly wine subscription and a wine club membership, what is the difference?

A9: The Monthly Wine Subscription is better suited to those who want wine to be delivered every month and want to let us choose the wine for them. For example, wine subscription members choose the number of bottles they want delivered each month (2, 3, 6, 12) and the style (Red Wine, White Wine or Both). We then pick the wines for them. It’s a good way to discover new wines and regions. If we send you a wine you like then as a subscriber you are entitled to the same benefits as a gold wine club member which is 25% off individual wines, 15% off mixed case products and 10% off accessories and books.

The Wine Club membership is designed for those who want more control over what they drink. They know what they like and are not really interested in letting us pick the wine for them. They are still intrigued and want to try the different wines we have on the site but want to choose for themselves. they still get discounts but just a different product which suits different consumers.

Q10: Can I gift someone a wine club membership?

A10: Yes you can. Note you will need their email address at the time you purchase the membership. Once you have selected the wine club membership you want to gift, it will ask you to enter some basic details of whom you are gifting it too (Name, Email and your gift message). Once the order is confirmed they will be sent an email notifying them of your gift and providing them a link to set up their account. From there they will be able to use the account credit you are paying into their account in the same way you would if you purchased a membership for yourself.

Q11: When I make a purchase using my wine club credit how long will it take for the wine to arrive?

A11: We deliver next working day UK wide for all orders placed before 12pm. Our preferred courier is DPD and as part of their service they will email you the evening before delivery letting you know they have picked up the wine from us. Then in the morning you will be sent another email from them advising of a delivery slot. This is usually a 60-90 minute window. Our packaging is very sturdy and has been specifically designed from recycled pulp to stop the bottles from breaking. In the unlikely event the wine does break we will send a replacement the next day.

Q12: What if I am not home when my delivery is scheduled?

A12: DPD will email you the evening before the delivery is taking place. This gives you the option of requesting delivery to your neighbour or diverting another address.  Note that if you choose to divert then it may take an additional day to arrive as DPD will have to reprocess it in their delivery hub.

Q13: Can I nominate delivery for a specific day for delivery in advance?

A13: Yes you can. When you place the order there is a field for ‘Delivery Date’. Please put the working day (Monday to Friday – We don’t deliver Saturday / Sunday) date in the format of dd/mm/yyyy). If you leave it blank it will be delivered next working day for orders placed before 12pm.

Q14: What if I am never home during the week? How can I get my wine delivered?

A14: Good question and I think I have a solution which will change your online shopping life for ever! Seasoned online shoppers will know that their local off licence will double as a parcel drop point. 95% of them allow this as it’s a way for them to earn extra revenue. I suggest going down to your local off license and asking if they provide this service. They are likely going to charge you for the pleasure of them receiving your parcel. However, for the 50p – £1 they will charge you it is money well spent in my book! No more delivery anxiety and frustration as they (the off licence) will always be there to receive it.

Q15: Can I ask the courier to leave in a safe place if I am not home?

A15: You can but this is not advised. As we are delivering alcohol its best someone over the age of 18 is there to sign for it. In fact it is the law. My experience is that couriers are inconsistent, some leaving it in a safe place and others refusing to do so. Covid changed things a little as they relaxed the rules a little as part of the no contact / social distancing agenda. So in short you can put instructions in the order notes for them to leave in a safe place however you run the risk of someone stealing it, a child consuming it and to be honest lets just not go there. Unless you can commit to being home during the delivery window go have a chat with your local off licence and use their delivery address on the order.

Q16: Are the wines you sell good value?

A16: Absolutely. We work directly with independent winemakers buying the wine direct from the vineyards and importing them into the UK. It’s a direct to consumer model which allows us to provide you unique, hand crafted wines at really good prices. We look for certified organic and bio-dynamic wines which have been made with little intervention and in an environmentally sustainable manner. Its not just about the wine (which is awesome by the way) but the environment too.

That is about all we can think of right now about our Wine Club Membership. Hopefully that gives you enough information to be comfortable that joining will be the best decision you have made since ditching the supermarket for local butchers and farmers markets. We love wine and we love the environment too. By supporting us, you are supporting small businesses which focus on environmental sustainability and that is our mission. Cheers to that!

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