Wine In A Can | Is It Any Good?

31st March 2020

Wine snobs look away now because vin-in-a-tin, wine in a can, is going to be the new spring/summer accessory for 2020.

Already huge in the US, cans have been seeping their way into the UK market since 2016, but this year the trend looks set to hit the big-time, with sales forecast to increase rapidly in 2020.

Benefits Of Wine In A Can

Convenience, sustainability and portion control are good reasons for the wine in a can trend gaining rapid momentum. With no corkscrew required, lighter packaging meaning it is easier to transport and as a result having a lower carbon footprint, it’s clear why wine in a can has become so popular.

Additionally, and the compact size means booze-conscious millennial’s are no longer finding themselves burdened with ‘having’ to drink a full bottle. Cans are recycled more than glass, which means it is a more environmentally friendly option than bottled wine.

Standard Size for Canned Wine

The standard wine can size is between 200 and 250ml. This is the same size as a large glass of wine at a bar or pub. Therefore a four pack of canned wine is equal to just over a standard 750ml bottle of wine. Two cans is half a bottle of wine and more than enough.

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Where To Drink Canned Wine

So lets re-cap. It is easy to open, easy to transport and very easy to glug. Therefore wine in a can seems the perfect companion for train journeys, picnics and festivals. While obviously not a wine to age or save for a special occasion, canned wine makes for a fun tipple and a light-hearted sip. Not being made of breakable glass means wine in a can is highly portable and can be taken to beaches and parks where glass is often forbidden. Glass can also smash easily, becoming a hazard if not disposed of properly.

Quality Of Canned Wine

At £3 – 4 per can, canned wine is clearly not going to be the best quality juice. However, you can find some really nice brands which will be as good as the bottled wine you will find in the supermarket. Typical wine in a can will be Rosé style or citrus fruit driven white wine made from either Pinot Grigio or Sauvignon Blanc. It can also be a sparkling wine or still red wine. One red wine in a can which is worth trying is the Pablo Y Walter Malbec.

Where To Buy Wine In A Can

You can buy wine in a can at all the major UK supermarket retailers like Sainsbury, Tesco and Waitrose. They all have their own brands of canned wine and are readily available. Over summer you will see more stock on their shelves as demand grows when people start to spend more time outdoors socialising. In the United Kingdom, you can expect to pay between £3-4 per can or £12 for a 4 pack of canned wine.

Savage Vines also stocks some great options – you can take a look at the wine in a can which we carry below.

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