Bodegas Vinicola Real

Miguel Ángel Rodríguez

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Bodegas Vinicola Real began back in 1992. Miguel Ángel Rodriguez began excavation of the winery in the village of Aldelda de Iregua, which is located in the prestigious Rioja Alta region of Spain.

These caves would form perfect cellars to store the fresh and vibrant wines of the region which are spawned from their organic vineyards. Caves have long been used in Spanish wine production, (after all there’s no Cava without caves).

Caves are a brilliant means of regulating temperature and allow for long storage periods which are often closely associated with the Rioja wine region.

The Bodegas Vinicola Real vineyards sit in the prestigious Rioja Alta region of Rioja in Spain. This is the largest of the three regions and lies to the south of the Ebro River, generally between 500 and 800 metres above sea level. Alta is not dissimilar to Rioja Alavesa, the latter being the coolest portion of Rioja.

The climate is moderated by altitude and partially by coastal breezes. These natural factors mean that the grapes tend to produce wines on the lighter and fresher side of Rioja.