Château de la Vieille Chapelle

Frédéric and Fabienne Mallier

  • Bordeaux, France

Château de la Vieille Chapelle was founded in 2006, after much searching from founders Frédéric and Fabienne Mallier. They had a desire to only begin this adventure on the perfect vineyard in Bordeaux. The Estate consists of 21 hectares along the Dordogne river in a beautiful environment. The name stemming from a 12th century Roman chapel.

Located in the Fronsac district, Chateau de la Vieille Chapelle produces wine on 9 hectares, yielding between 35 to 45,000 bottles per year in AOC Bordeaux, AOC Bordeaux Supérieur, Vin de France.

In 2013, they completed their conversion to organic farming, then they became certified biodynamic in 2017. Currently, all harvesting is performed manually, with no additives, fining and filtration.

Château de la Vieille Chapelle aren’t your average Bordeaux winemaker though. They have a broad portfolio which will include classic right-bank red wines. However, expect to find pre-phylloxera Bouchalès on 150 year old vines and 100% Semillon white wines. Their wines stem from vines between 25 and 150 years old, which allows for a great variety in the intensity and concentration of flavours in their wines.

The Château de la Vieille Chapelle vineyards are located in the Fronsac region of Bordeaux, along the northern ridge of the Dordogne river.

Bordeaux is arguably the most famous wine region of all and Bordeaux wine is the Platonic form of wine for many. It is in many respects the most revered, expensive, successful and prolific place for wine in the world.

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