Cramele Recas Wines

Hartley Smithers, Nora Iriarte & Florin Voloaca

  • Romania

Cramele Recas Wines date back to 1447. Cramele Recas began life again in 1988 when three separate families decided to invest in a Romanian winery which was in need of some TLC. Today, it has become the most successful winery in the whole country, under the leader ship of Englishman Philip Cox and his Romanian wife Elvira.

It looks to produce wines in line with organic methods and produces a number of natural wines. The wines come from a mix of new plantings and centuries old vines. While old vines may grace the vineyard, modernisation can be seen in their state of the art winery which produces a variety of rich and enticing wines. This is a forward-thinking and exciting producer of wine.

The Cramele Recas Winery is located in the rolling hills of Viile Timisului. This is just by the Romanian wine region of Banat.

Romanian wine is becoming increasingly popular. In the not so recent past, you’d be unlikely to find a bottle of it outside of Romania. Indeed, today they only export around 5-6% of their wine.

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