Domaine Baumann-Zirgel

Benjamin & Valerie Zirgel

  • France

Domaine Baumann-Zirgel are situated in a small town in the wine growing region of Alsace in France called Mittelwihr.

The family Baumann-Zirgel family cultivate 11 hectares of organic vineyards and produce high quality, hand crafted sparkling and still wine. Valerie and Benjamin have the belief that excellence can only be achieved with respect for the land, its terroir, its vines, its wine and the health of all of us.

As a winemaking family it is imperative for them to protect the ecosystem and biodiversity and recreate environmental balance.

The Alsace wine region is located on the border of northeastern France, not far from the German wine region Rheinhessen.

The Alsace wine region is known for producing high quality french RieslingPinot Blanc and Pinot Gris. For red wine drinkers they also make good value Pinot Noir. Then, sparkling wine fans will be sure to enjoy Crémant d’Alsace.

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