I Muretti

Niccollo Bianchini-Varo

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Agricola I Muretti are a small, family run vineyard just off the coast of Rimini in Italy. We have been working with the Bianchini family since 2017 and they are a certified organic producer. All their fruit is sourced from their own vines, hand picked in late September and October every year. They don’t use artificial sprays and chemical in the vineyards, opting to use natural and environmentally sustainable methods to produce their wine.

The I Muretti vineyards are situated in the DOC Colli di Rimini, within the Emilia-Romagna region.

A vibrant area, known for beaches and nightlife. However, behind these are stretching landscapes of castles, villas, vineyards and farms. These lands are responsible for some of the best wine and produce in the world.

Home to local, indigenous grapes – expect to find unique and innovative wines different from the classic Italian wines you may know.

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