Piera 1899

Piera Martellozzo

  • Italy

Piera have been making organic wine since 1998 and are well known in Italy as being some of the best value DOC wines in the country. The recognised quality of Piera wines is the result of everyday hard work founded on respect for the land and its traditions nurtured by an innate propensity for innovation. It is a commitment which takes the form of sustainable winemaking through minimum environmental impact.

Piera began life in San Quirino, situated in the Pordenon province of north east Italy. Over time Piera broadened its horizons.

With history in Friuli Venezia Giulia, Veneto and Trentino, they have a really diverse range of territories to hone their craft.

Expect exquisite wines which typify the Venetian republic, such as Piera’s Prosecco DOC.

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