Monthly Wine Subscription

The UK’s favourite wine subscription sending you high quality wines from the vineyard to your door from £34.95 a month.

  • 25% off all wines
  • Free delivery, always
  • Eco-friendly wine stock
  • Support independent wine-makers
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The UK’s favourite monthly wine subscription

Our mission is to get you out of the supermarket and introduce you to new wine regions and grape varieties.

We hand pick all our wines directly from small, independent winemakers focusing on organic and bio-dynamic wine made with minimal intervention and as little impact on the environment as possible.

How Our Monthly Wine Subscription Works

  • 1. Customise Your Monthly Wine Subscription

    Select the number of wines you want to receive each month and choose your preferred style of wine. Receive 2, 3, 4, 6 or 12 bottles a month and tell us if you want all red wine, white wine or a combination of both.

  • 2. We Select The Wine For You

    All our wines are sourced from small, independent family run vineyards. We change the wines in your monthly wine subscription every month making sure you discover new grape varieties and regions.

  • 3. You Enjoy Quality Wines & Learn At The Same Time!

    Your wine subscription is delivered direct to your door along with our monthly magazine which includes tasting notes, food pairing recipes and more.

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We Partner With Small, Independent Vineyards

Savage Vines imports wine direct from the vineyard in a grape to glass sourcing model. Start a world wine journey today and get independent wines delivered to your door. Monthly Wine Subscription Members get 25% off all wines 365 days a year.

Top 6 Reasons To Set Up A Wine Subscription

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Join savvy wine drinkers across the UK and enjoy all of our wines for 25% less

  1. Thomas

    Really easy to gift a wine subscription using Savage Vines. Recipient loved the wines and magazine each month, would recommend!

  2. Jane

    Best Wine Subscription to give as a gift. Lots of different wines and quality magazine delivered each month with recipes and interesting articles.

  3. Gina Lockhart

    Loved my gift wine subscription from Savage Vines. They introduced me to new grape varieties and wine regions. Highly recommend

  4. Little Ingy

    I purchased a wine subscription gift for my husband and he loved it. Really nice wines, mostly organic too. The monthly magazine it comes with has some good articles and recipes to pair with the wine.

  5. Simon Lambourne

    Everything we have had so far has been excellent

  6. Dan Keller

    Great way to send a wine subscription gift to someone. I purchased for a friend at work and they raved about it. Website was a little confusing but customer service was helpful.

Savage Vines Winemakers

Who we love to buy from

Savage Vines look to import from family-operated vineyards. This means that you will always be able to put a face to the label. Never again wonder about how you wine got from grape to glass.

We are a small business helping small businesses – learn more about our winemakers and partners here.