Wine Tasting Event Tips

2nd May 2019

Theme Your Wine Tasting Event

Whether you are organising it amongst friends or are running a corporate or paid wine tasting event, you should select an event theme. Examples of theme’s for your event could be focused on a country, region, method or vintage. Having a defined theme will also ensure you can choose wines that work well together in sequence and will pair with similar foods.

Examples of theme’s are Organic & Biodynamic Wine Tasting (method), Spanish Wine Tasting (country), Pre- 2010 Vintage Wine Tasting (vintage), Loire Valley Wine Tasting (region). Once you have decided on the theme, you can then figure out who to invite or target your marketing efforts.

Pair The Wine With Food

Once you have selected the theme then you can move on to choosing the food. We always recommend including food at a wine tasting event to ensure your guests don’t go home hungry. Your best option is to have a tasting plate of food to pair with your wines. This also provides you with an opportunity to talk about pairing wines with food which is a topic people are always interested in. We always get asked ‘what would you pair with that wine’, or ‘what wine would you pair with pasta‘ for example.

Wine Tasting Event | Cheese & Charcuterie board

Provide Wine Tasting Mats

Provide a tasting matt or table so that your guests can scribble down notes. The world of wine can be very complex and by providing your guests with something they can make notes on will ensure they can remember any snippets of wine advice you provide. At Savage Vines we have designed our own wine tasting mats which are very popular with our guests.

Wine Tasting Mat | Tips for hosting a wine tasting event

Make The Wine Tasting Event Interactive

The last thing you want to do is host an event where you just talk at your guests. You want your guests to walk away feeling like they know a little bit more about wine than they did when they walked in, at the same time allowing them to share their own views and experiences. Remember to highlight at the beginning that everyone has their own preferences to styles of wine. Just because one person doesn’t like a wine, doesn’t mean it’s a bad wine, they just prefer different tastes profiles. You could also incorporate a quiz or have blind wine tasting.

Blind Tastings | Tips for Successful Events

Share Your Knowledge and Tips

You’d be surprised how little people know when it comes to wine. For instance did you know that in a £10 bottle of wine, the supermarket or high street chain has spent about £2.50 on the actual wine. The rest is made of marketing costs, overheads, duty and tax. There are lot of little tips like this you can pass on to your guests during your wine tasting event. These will help your guests find merchants who sell quality wine, be able to select a better quality wine and/or save money. This information is what your guests will appreciate and can really open their eyes when it comes to purchasing wine.

The Cost Of Wine | Duty Tax and Marketing Breakdown

Provide A Spittoon & Water For Each Table

Our last tip for hosting your wine tasting event is to make sure drinking water and a spittoon is on each table. This should form part of your responsible service of alcohol. Tasting multiple wines in a row can go to your head. If the wines are amazing it is likely your guests will decide to drink them all!

Wine Spittoon | Essential items for a wine tasting event

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